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Sesame Street Ninja
I am not climbing in the polls quite like I was. Could I be losing momentum? Is it all over for Delightfully Loquacious? Who knows?  We will see what tomorrow brings. LOL!!!

Today I spent time thinking about how NaBloWriMo is getting ready to officially end and that NaNoWriMo will begin on November 1st. Writing 50K in a month is going to be an awesome task but I know people who can write more than that in a week. I am not that focused nor am I that driven. I love to write and I love the challenge of NaNoWriMo but I tend to do things in my own way and my own time but I am jumping in. We will see what happens.

I think I am going to continue with NaBlowWriMo in my subject line like I did year before last. Anything that encourages me to keep writing and to make the effort to write every day is a good thing, so I am going to stay on the NaBloWriMo train.

My daddy went to the grocery store today and while he was there he got me some chicken thighs and olive oil. Two things of interest...they didn't have any of the chicken thighs that were on sale available so he went back and talked to the meat guys and they fixed a package up for him in a jiffy. That was really nice. At my Kroger's they act like they are doing you a great big favor when then slice a ham for you which is part of their job. So I am surprised that the guys at his store packed up some of the sale chicken thighs for him. We had chicken and noodles for dinner tonight and it sure was good.

Regarding the olive oil mom just told daddy to get me a medium sized bottle of olive oil. She was with me last week when I bought groceries and I didn't see any that I thought I could afford so she put daddy on the case. Well, he bought the EXACT olive oil that I buy. That's pretty spiffy isn't it. He and I have never discussed olive oil I assure you and he picked out my regular olive oil. It is very exciting to have olive oil back in the house again. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Well, now that I have enthralled you with tales of chicken thighs and olive oil. I guess I will sign off but I will add that I have some awesome parents. They are so good to me that I am constantly amazed. I try to just enjoy the present but at their age I could lose one or both of them at any time. The thought leaves a huge empty space in my heart. I try not to think or dwell on it but well, it is always there in the background looking through the window at me. I love them so much. I really will say "Goodbye" now and let you get on with your lives.

White Trash Foot
Well, today was the day I finally saw the urologist. Stephanie basically had to drag me out of the house kicking and screaming. I was anticipating a painful and somewhat humiliating procedure. Well, I was wrong that didn't happen. I think the painful part probably should have but since it meant the somewhat humiliating part did not I was just as happy to pass on the painful part. My urologist who I have seen before was not nearly as annoying as usual and it was even a pretty decent appointment. That was good too. He thinks that kidney stones could be causing my problem so I have to have a CT scan(two in one really). The only part I really object to about the CT scan is drinking that nasty "schtuff" that they force you to consume. See the worst part about that is that I will be at the appointment by myself so I won't have anyone to piss, moan and whine to as I have to drink that sludge.(Steffie cannot walk the distance from the front door to the Radiology department. I barely can so that is why she won't be with me.)

I did tell Stephanie that I would probably have someone around me commiserate with me for having to drink that vile beverage because they have had to drink it in the past, so I would be able to whine to them. I then told her that if all else failed halfway through drinking that nasty brew I could start throwing a hissy fit and rolling around in the floor which would cause the radiology department to call security and I feel CERTAIN that they would talk to me so I have a plan to have SOMEONE to whine to about this barfy situation no matter what drastic action it might involve. I am very creative. <wicked evil grin>

My mom had an appointment with the eye doctor today. The pressure in her eyes has gone up some more but they aren't starting any drops yet. The doctor wants to see her in eight months. The good news is that her cataracts aren't any worse so she doesn't need surgery yet.

My baby sister is having issues with some rude woman who is/has been allowing her sheep and goats to graze in my sister's field without asking for permission. She just brought them over to let them graze. My sister tried to work this out with the woman but the woman took advantage of my sister's good nature. If you think I can blow a gasket you should see my sister blow one. Holy mackaroli! That woman should not have messed up, that is all I have to say about that.

Little dog has been semi-well behaved. I know that is amazing. I don't know what to think. The other day though Steffie was at my desk working on my computer and the little dog got ten kinds of demanding with her. Well, Steph knew that she had food and couldn't figure out what was up. She finally went to see what the dog wanted. Well, she had pooped and was demanding that Steph clean it up right then. Little dog also stood and "supervised" Steph's job of cleaning up the poop. When Steph told me about it, all I could do was laugh because I had told her that little dog pulled that stunt on me all of the time but she had never done it to Steffie. Steph was not as amused by it as I was but that is because she had to deal with the doings if you know what I mean.

I have a dear friend who is going through a very hard time. It breaks my heart. I understand what she is going through. I have gone through a very similar situation. I hate to see people in pain. I just want to "fix" everything for everyone. Sigh.

Well, this is all I know for now.

It has been raining and storming most of the day. Areas of the city are flooding like crazy. I wonder what it is like down the street from me but I can't see if from my house and I am not going out in the storm to check it out either. I hope my parents are okay. They have this HUGE creek by their house but they are up on a little bit of a hill. I am hoping that all is well there.

I don't know how late it is going to storm here and since my Flash is not working I can't look at the radar map. BLARG!

Tomorrow we have to go to the Apple Store to see if an Apple Genius can help to straighten out my computer. It is a mess and I "have sads" about it. Hopefully they can make it all better because if they can't I am just screwed, blued and tattooed.

I am sleepy, in pain and fussy so I guess I will sign off. I don't want to get all whiny and bitchy. That is so unattractive, don't you think?

Sesame Street Ninja
Personally, I think it is a little chilly outside. It is 66 and breezy. However, there is a little peeper outside my front door that obviously does not think that it is too cool for him to be out singing his little heart out. I just love when the warm weather symphony starts up. A few nights ago the bugs were all tuned up and their music was delightful. Tonight the peeper joined the orchestra. During the day the songbirds have been so very melodious. I have enjoyed the tunes so very much.

We used to have more bugs, peepers and birds but the woods across the way were torn out in the name of "development" so now the numbers are decreased. It is rather sad. The disappearance of the trees and woodlands seem to have caused the chipmunks to move out too. I miss getting to see their cute little furry selves.

I can't wait to see the rest of spring unfold into summer. I have wild violets blooming in my yard. They make me so happy. I just love how beautiful they are.

This has been a very weird spring. The saucer magnolias are just now blooming along with the wisteria and dogwoods. Usually the saucer magnolias bloom either before or at the same time as the Bradford pears and they have long shed their blossoms. The oak and pine pollen are starting to fly so everything will soon be coated in yellow. The timing is just off for everything. Either things are blooming early or late. It is very odd.

So the bugs and peepers are getting happy about a month earlier than usual and the flora is blooming willy nilly. It is an interesting springtime indeed.

Sesame Street Ninja
Yesterday was a long, long, long hard day. We had help from Zyoh in doing some serious decluttering and deep cleaning. Okay, she did most of the work but it is a hard job supervising. Yes, it really is! We also went to DollarTree, the Walmart Grocery store, took stuff to the charity thrift store, hit the phone store(that was a bust) and did all manner of running around. Usually we do good to manage one or two errands a day. For Steph and I yesterday was brutal and I mean b-r-u-t-a-l!!!! We would have never made it with out Zyoh's help.

Today we were totally lazy. We ate leftovers, bananas and cereal. I was not fixing to cook. My back is killing me and there was no way that I could have done much more than I did.

We both took amazingly bodacious naps but then it was a rainy day and those are the best ever for napping. After yesterday I know I needed the rest. I feel like such a slacker but then you do the best you can with what you've got.

So here I am writing about being a lazy butt and not even being ashamed. Who would believe that I used to work eighty to one hundred hours a week if they saw me getting worn out by some errands? I have to say that I live a much different life than I did 20 years ago.


NaBloWriMo ~ AprilWritingMystery

Sesame Street Ninja

Well, March was a stellar month for my blogging. I had a hard time sitting still and concentrating due to pain. We will see if April is better, that is why April is now a writing mystery!

March was a rather quiet month. April is not going to be so we shall see what is transmitted from my fingers to my keyboard. Tomorrow is supposed to be a very stormy day. I don't know if I will have power all day or not. We shall see what happens.

I hope that April sees my pain levels decrease. I am quite the bitch when I am in excessive pain. I honestly don't know how Stephanie puts up with me. I think she should be nominated for sainthood.

The little dog has been semi well behaved of late. For some reason she is peeing where she is only partially on the pad. That makes for a lot of extra cleaning which make my back hurt worse which contributes to the bitch aspect of my personality. I honestly don't think she is doing this on purpose but I am not exactly sure what is going on with her. I love the little dog but sometimes I wish she would clean up her own messes if you know what I mean.

I have doctor appointments almost every week this month. I don't have one scheduled for the last week of the month but who knows. I "may get lucky."(That is a joke.)

Today there was a shooting at Ft. Hood. Several people died and even more were injured. I don't know why people think that picking up a gun will solve their problems. My heart goes out to all those involved and really that is everyone associated with Ft. Hood.  When there is a shooting like that in a community everyone feels it in one way or another.

A longtime friend of mine advised me that his partner was hospitalized for PCP pneumonia today. He said that they had known that the hospitalization was inevitable but today turned out to be "the" day that he needed to go. My friend is being optimistic but my heart hurts for him. They have been together for so long. I know that the new AIDS drugs are really good but well, I have lost too many friends to AIDS. Yes, it has been 20 plus years since I have been to the funeral of someone who died as a result of AIDS but still you never forget all of those lost even though so much time has passed. I love my friend dearly. I have known him for almost 35 years now. He has had a very difficult few years. I hope that things turn around for he and his partner soon.

Well, not much else to say really.


Im asleep
I haven't been writing in the blog worth a diddly darn. I am going to have to blame it on the back injury and muscle relaxers. I can't sit easily because of the back and the muscle relaxers turn my brain fog into a something even more dense and gooey. Well, that was graphic. It is like my brain is encased in hot tar. Yuck!

Life has been kind of a blur but that will happen when your brain is mucked up. It seems like I eat, sleep, wash dishes, cook, clean up after the little dog, feed the critters and then start all over again. Other housework is involved but the major activities are listed above. Oh, one interesting thing. I had five, count them five items listed on eBay. I sold one. I went to get it. I couldn't find it and in its place was another book that vaguely looked like it. Also in the box were other books that were supposed to have gone to a local charity thrift shop. I believe that I sent the book I sold, the ONLY item I have sold in four months to the charity thrift shop instead of the books that were supposed to have gone there including the book that looks vaguely like the one that I sold. How lovely is that? I wrote to the buyer, apologized, refunded their money and have not heard a word. I wonder if they will leave me negative feedback. I hope not. I feel bad enough about this stupid situation as it is. Oh well, we will see what we will see. This is all the more interesting because I am hoping to get back into selling on eBay. I will have to be more "with it" if I am going to sell again. Sigh!

The little dog has been fairly well behaved of late. I don't know what to think of it. I should just knock on wood and be grateful. Asking questions can lead to trouble, if you know what I mean.

Well, is this about the most snooze inducing blog post you have read in a while. Yeah, well life is just about this exciting. Aren't you jealous? LOL!!!

Sesame Street Ninja

Well, I don't think I have posted since the end of February. I am having a very hard time sitting still long enough to really write anything. I can get more written than say a #twitterpost but not much more than a semi-decent Facebook update. I have managed to fall again and I think that I have maybe bruised my tailbone. I can tell you that my coccyx hurts like the Dickens and the rest of my lower to mid-back doesn't fare much better. Due to some other issues we are going through Icy Hot Spray and Aspercreme at almost the speed of a professional sports team. That's a lot of Icy Hot and Aspercreme. We are careful about not overdoing it and are aware of the dangers of overuse.

Anyway, my writing, such as it is has suffered and I am sure that my little blog feels neglected. I hope I can get the knack of just doing very, very brief updates because I have a lot to say just not the sitting power to say it.

Yesterday(March 10th) I got to see Kimbo and Jessica for a few minutes. We went and picked up our Girl Scout cookies. I got hugs from the girls, got to smell the tops of their heads and the smelled so sweet. I also got to sneak in a few kisses on their little noggins. Jessica was pretty busy playing with rocks and gave me one. Miss Kimberley stayed by my side a bit more so I got to sneak some more hugs in on her. They are such beautiful and precious girls. As I have said before I would battle legions of armies and walk across hot coals to protect these girls if need be. They own my heart completely. I have Jessica's rock to put away and save with other precious items. It was a beautiful gift filled with love and spirit.

Today(March 11th) Miss Teffers and I went to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman. It was very enjoyable. For anyone who grew up watching Mr. Peabody on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show the movie should prove to be a fun diversion. It isn't as good as the original but it was cute. I loved the travels in the Wayback Machine. That was the best part of the movie, of course.

On Sunday, March 9th, my nephew Hunter turned 25. Good gracious I remember the day that boy was born. We went to the toy store and bought him a gun and a fishing pole. I got him his first gun. I am a good auntie. LOL!!! I bought him a ton of other toys too. I am sure that his mom and dad loved packing up the car to go home from the hospital with all of those toys in addition to flowers, baby and baby stuff.

We had a family gathering on Sunday to celebrate not just Hunter's birthday but also daddy's, mama's and Nick's. Daddy is just now feeling like going out and socializing again since having his open heart surgery which is the reason that we had so many parties at one time. It was a great visit and we had lots of fun.

Is this an exciting blog entry or what? At least I didn't detail my trip to Kroger. I spared you some of the awesome moments of the week. LOL!!!

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday!


NaBloWriMo ~ FebWriSo ~ goodbye February...

Buzzard Head
In about 20 minutes February will leave Arkansas. It is hard to believe that two months are already gone for the year 2014. I am eager to see what March will bring.

I dreamed last night about being employed again. I worked for a former supervisor who understood my disabilities and understood that there would be days that I could not work, as well as, the fact that at some point I would be unable to work again for a while. I would love to be able to work again and I would love for my employers to understand that while my disabilities may be of the "invisible" type they are real and they interfere with my daily life.

I have struggled for so very long with my disabilities with depression being the disabling illness that has cost me the most in my life. I would give anything to not have another depressed moment in my life or even not have my depression interfere with my life. Even when I was still able to manage working more than full-time and/or going to school the depression almost completely destroyed me. Most people who have never had clinical depressive episodes do not have a clue about depression and even those who have experienced major depressive episodes have differing levels of depression as well as different types of comorbidity. I swear if I hear one more person say well I have been depressed, blue, down in the dumps or unhappy(which is NOT the same as depression) before and managed to "pull myself up by my bootstraps," I may have a conniption. I worked and went to school for years while drowning in a see of severe major depressive episodes and overwhelming anxiety. I did it for as long as I could until it literally almost destroyed me.

Also during most of that time I had other serious illnesses that compounded the depression and anxiety. It was like being constantly run through a meat grinder. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Even though I still struggle with a multitude of illnesses I would still give anything to be able to work again. It would have to be a desk job which is not "my cup of tea" as I always liked being out in the field working with people in their own environment trying to help them to live healthier lives for themselves and their families. I liked being on the go and the difficult challenges my life threw at me. I was an "adrenaline junkie" and was always ready for the next situation that came my direction. Despite all of this even if I could just answer phones and take messages I would be one happy camper. I don't know how long I could work or how many hours I could put in but I really wish that I could do it. I miss the everyday challenge of making a difference one way or another.

In the meantime I try to reach out to others via the net to provide support, encouragement and succor to those I meet on the web. I would like to do more but I do the best I can with what I have and will continue to do so until I depart this life.

White Trash Foot
The little dog was doing much better today. In the night she got up twice and went to tinkle on her pad which is across the house from where she sleeps with Steffie. Then today she was up and doing some things.(Little dog usually sleeps during the day so not doing a lot during the day is normal for her.)

She has jumped out of bed, out of her chair and walked some, albeit with a slight limp, on her injured leg. I again massaged her leg and hip today and she was fine with it again.

Jezzi is also climbing up on the bed with no trouble. Her cat like agility is intact. We are glad to see her doing so well. Whew!

The only other thing of note for the day is that our neighbor, who has the Little Rock Urban Farm, has gotten a John Deere with a front end loader and a "digging thing"(I'd call it a Kubota but that is a brand name, so I don't really know what it is called.) Any way, he has been driving it around the block some. I am assuming he is doing this to get it from one part of the farm to the other. Not all of the farm is accessible by machinery from just one end. I mean this IS an urban farm so space is precious and used for crops, greenhouses and raised beds. It is kind of funny to see a John Deere tractor driving by my window on a semi-regular basis. LOL!!!

So there you have it, the dog is much better and obviously not seriously hurt plus our neighbors have a John Deere tractor with us being smack dab in the middle of the city. If that don't beat all, I don't know what does.

Ciao! ~ John Deere Green by Joe Diffee



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