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This month has been an exercise in writing but much of it has been mundane and/or nonsense. I may have written a word or two of merit but really those have been few and far between, no really, I know for I am the blogger in question.

Today we went to shopping. I got a Halloween decoration. We haven't had a Halloween decoration in years. I only spent a dollar on it but it is cute and that is what counts. Now my house is gussied up for Halloween. We also picked up treats to give to the ghouls and goblins that might come visit us. We are ever hopeful. LOL!!! After that we went to the grocery store. Wow, now that was exciting as all get out. Well, I did get some things to make yummy, yummy meals with. I love to cook. It is hard for me because of the back pain issues but I still love to do it most of the time anyway. I have stuff to make lots of inexpensive meals with. I am rather excited about the whole thing.

There was fried chicken left from the lunch crowd that was marked down in the deli so I didn't have to cook tonight after doing all of the shopping and standing. That was a relief. I also am very, very fond of fried chicken, so there you go! I remember when you could get the fried chicken at the store for the same price they sell it now when they mark it down. Prices just keep going up and up. I do have to say though that the price of a whole chicken is only very slightly less than the regular price for their fried chicken(which is basically a whole chicken) so you get the chicken for nearly the same price and you don't have to fry it yourself. Today we got our chicken for less than a whole fried chicken so we came out ahead and I didn't have to fry the chicken which I can no longer do anyway because I can't stand that long.  Anyway, it was a real treat for me. I am one happy camper.

Tomorrow I have to go to the wound clinic. I am not looking forward to that but it must be done. We also need to go to the medical supply store to get some saline solution too. If I feel like it after all of that I need to go to another store to pick up some things that weren't at the store we went to today. Busy, busy, busy!

The weather is getting cooler although tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer. We will see how things turn out. At least it won't be really hot.

I guess I have rattled on as long as I can for today.

Ciao! was a yummy, yummy day...

Buzzard Head
A dear friend out ours sent us a surprise gift of a gift card to Cracker Barrel. Yum, yum!!!! Today Miss Teffers and I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel and was it some kind of delicious. Our dinners were perfect, we had a cute, little, charming waiter and of course, the Co-Cola cake was to die for. Yummo! I really like Cracker Barrel's Chicken & Dumplings so I had the sampler platter with C&D, Meatloaf and Sugar Cured Ham. My veggies were a baked sweet potato, fried okra and cheese grits. Only in the south do we call macaroni and cheese or cheese grits a vegetable. Let me tell you now lest you be disappointed the cheese grits are NOT real cheese grits. They are grits with a little grated cheese put on top of them. Oh, I was less than thrilled but being a true southern gal I ate them anyway because I like grits. They are good eatin'!

Miss Teffers had Chicken Fried Chicken, baby carrots, dumplings(yes, they call those a vegetable on their menu) and fried okra as well. The fried okra was mighty fine and you can tell it is fried in cornmeal which is the proper way to fry up some okra.

Of course, the shining star of the meal was the Co-Cola Cake, which is a deep rich chocolate cake if you are not familiar with it, topped with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream. Oh mercy me! That stuff is good!

It was a beautiful day and a true joy to get to go out to eat. Money has been beyond tight so this was a treat and a half. Now tomorrow we have to go to the grocery store. Oh boy!

Ciao! I am again...

Buzzard Head
Yes, here I am one of the most boring bloggers in the universe and yet I continue to stop by just to suck another few minutes out of your life. Now that my friends is a truly rotten beast, one who knowingly steals precious moments from your slowly dying body. Good grief, can it get any worse than this? Yes, yes it can so don't tempt me, okay!

I have been having problems with needing excessive amounts of sleep the past few days. I had blamed it on taking one extra(as prescribed)muscle relaxer because that has happened to me before but today I had the same need for sleep going on but because I was cooking pinto beans(exciting life, isn't it)I felt like I needed to stay up. Well, I should have turned those babies off and taken a nap. I was miserable, in pain, agitated, fussy and generally difficult to deal with. Not only that I burned the damned beans anyway. Every time I'd get where I was in a "decent" place something would explode in my face leading to some very cranky episodes. I cannot STAND to be that bitchy. I do have a blazing temper from hell but my nature is loving, nurturing and caring. Let me tell you when I get as "out of sorts"(understatement)as I was today, you do not want to be around me. Hell, I don't want to be around me. It is most distressing.

I went to bed at nine o'clock but woke up around midnight. I stayed in bed for an hour trying to go back to sleep but it didn't work so I got up to fool around on the interwebs. Hopefully I will go back to sleep soon. I certainly hope that tomorrow is better.


#NaBloWriMo...the beat goes on...

Buzzard Head
Well, my writing continues to be hit or miss, mostly miss I think. Day before yesterday I took an extra muscle relaxer. Not more than prescribed just one more than I usually take because my back has been much worse the past several days and I was having serious back spasms. Well, the muscle relaxer did help the back spasms but I have also spent a LOT of time sleeping as a result of having taken one, count it, ONE extra muscle relaxer. It is a no win situation. I can be in a lot of pain or I can sleep all of the time. I choose not to sleep all of the time so there you go.

The little dog has had her naughty on recently. If her carrier wasn't broken she would be spending some time in it but Steffie says that behavior modification is not going to work with a dog that is almost nine years old. I think I want to still give it a chance. I am tired of the dog poop issues and all of the mopping I have to do. Fortunately Zyoh got us a Swiffer and it makes the mopping much easier. Yes, it is more expensive but sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. It is easier on my back so that solves that.

I have been listening to music tonight. I don't listen often but when I do I really enjoy it. The problem is that I have trouble concentrating on other things when I am listening to music. I don't know how other writers listen to stuff all of the time when they write. I'd love to be able to do so and am just a tad jealous.

Well, I hope to go to bed soon. I am still druggy from the muscle relaxer.

Buzzard Head
NaBloWriMo is ambling along. I have not blogged every day and many of my posts are very short. That is not going to serve me well as a preparation for NaNoWriMo which starts in two weeks! I know the title of my book and have a general idea of what I am going to write about but that is as far as it goes. I have been active with NaNoWriMo since 2003. I have only completed my 50K twice, last year which was total crap and in 2009(I think, maybe it was 2010)which was pretty decent but is really too personal to "put out there" yet. The only person who read it besides members of my family only remarked on my overuse of semicolons. She didn't even say if she liked the story or if she thought it sucked. I guess she must have thought it sucked because she only addressed my semicolon issues. Well, I still think it is a good story.

I know that I have written about the fact that I seem to be the "lone #NaBloWriMo ranger" but recently some folks started talking about #NaBloWriMo and how it starts in November.(It starts in October.)Then some folks thought that only tech writers could blog for #NaBloWriMo but someone else said that all you have to do is blog. I wanted to get in on the conversation but decided not to do so. My hashtag is evident so if they wanted to talk to the lone October #NaBloWriMo blogger they can find me.

I am feeling particularly frustrated. There is something allergywise that is "out there" in October and November that makes my vision much worse which makes it hard for me to see to write. I am using my gel tears but they aren't really helping. Sometimes I wish that NaNoWriMo was still held in August which is the month it started out in because I can see just fine then but I am sure that a lot of people are vacationing and stuff although November is in the thick of the holiday season and final season for folks in school. I guess any month could be difficult for folks.

I have my title for my book and part of the book cover thanks to a cyber-friend of mine. When Steph gets the title on the book I will upload the cover. I am pretty excited. I have never done a cover before. Woo hoo!!!

Well, I guess this is all for tonight. I really need to get my but in gear. The time for writing is nigh!


Buzzard Head

I realize that I am very, very sensitive and that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have been being told this for as long as I can remember so it must be true, right? It is true and not just because I have been brainwashed into thinking it is so but because I live it every day. What I hate though is when I get blindsided. I get my feelings hurt from a totally unexpected source in an unexpected way. Wow, that really bites. I just want to curl up into a ball and stay that way for a week unless someone brings me pizza and fudge then I will get up for those before I huddle up again.

If you don't get why I am the way I am, that is fine, but it is YOUR issue. Don't try to push it off on me. Leave me out of your sordid affairs. If I befuddle you then either as a caring question or just figure it out for yourself. Don't crap on me just because I don't meet your expectations. There I think that sums things up nicely. My feelings are still hurt however but then I guess that's how the ball bounces, right?


Well, we had an adventure last night. It was supposed to get down to 47 and I was already chilled to the bone so I asked Steffie about kicking on the heat. Poor Steffie, she clicked a switch and it sounded like the whole central heat and air unit was being destroyed. Then she tried to turn it off and it wouldn't turn off. It just kept blowing, cold air into the already cold house. I was grateful for warm blankies. Steffie was grateful for Pandora because the central heat unit that would not turn off kept clanging around like a one man band on speed. The unit is right by Steffie's bed(just outside, of course)but Pandora helped her to sleep some.

This morning I called our heat & air company with our tale of woe and they said they'd get a guy out her this afternoon. Then I called someone to help me pay for this repair because I have exactly $18 and chump to my name. I am glad that I have people willing to rescue my a**.  The H&A company had someone out here within 2 hours and by the time I got to the back door when I found out he was here(granted I am slow)he already knew what the problem was and called the office to see how much the part would be so he could tell me what the cost would be. I almost fainted. I then called my guardian angel and told them that I wasn't a "cheap date" which made them laugh. I told them the estimate which they thought wasn't too bad all things considered. I like it when guardian angels have such good attitudes. A check was delivered to me. The guy got back from the warehouse with the part and in about 30 minutes everything was fixed and the repair dude was on his way. I am just glad that this part did not decide to go haywire during a winter storm event or on the coldest day of the winter like what happened when our last heat & air unit died. Now, that was fun. It was 19 degrees that night. Woo hoo!!!

I am very lucky that I have people willing to help me when times are hard. I really don't know what I would do otherwise. Well, I do know actually. I would live without heat and air like I have in the past. I am old and more ill now. It would be much harder on me but that is just what I would have to do. This is why I try to live an attitude of gratitude because I am loved and have people willing to help me. I am blessed.


#NaBloWriMo...hey there crimestoppers!!!!

Buzzard Head
Oh, I am just feeling a little silly. Pay no attention to me. I think my subject line is a quote from the movie "Parenthood" but I could be wrong. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and I am one sleepy little girl. I can't really think of much to write because my mind is preoccupied by such things as donuts, rootbeer and ice cream. You'd think that combination would make me sick to my stomach and kill my appetite but then when I start getting cravings who knows what will happen.

Actually, if someone came along with a nice creme brulee I wouldn't complain either. I remember one time that I was at a restaurant that was running a special on creme brulee so I ordered it. I was told that they had just made some but it wasn't chilled yet so they couldn't serve it. I looked at the waiter and said that I didn't care if it was chilled or not that I just wanted the creme brulee. At this point she has the manager come inform me that I can't have any creme brulee because it wasn't chilled yet. By now I am getting a little annoyed. I was the one paying for the damned creme brulee. If I didn't care that it wasn't chilled why was it such a burr in their britches. I said something to that effect using my best "moonlight and magnolias" mannerisms and voice because I wanted that creme brulee. Well, they served it to me and I got it free because it wasn't chilled. I would have been glad to pay for it but hey free is good.

Life is just weird sometimes!


Buzzard Head

I have a request to make of you. Give up your collective fetish with balsamic vinegar and feta cheese. Enough is enough. Really it is! On Google the term "feta cheese recipes" brings up almost 2 million hits and the term "balsamic vinegar recipes" brings up over three million hits. Now I realize that on the balsamic vinegar list there are many, many recipes for balsamic vinegarette but I am sure that many of these recipes have a plethora of ideas of ways to use the vinegarette in cooking and dishes other than salads. I also know that not all of those hits will really be for feta cheese and/or balasamic vinegar recipes but you get the idea. It is time to scale back and discover other foods.

Middle America is not totally sold on balsamic reductions and the use of feta cheese willy nilly in recipes. Some of us like a little balsamic vinegar here or there and a few crumbles of feta cheese in choice recipes but really, even though we are will to eat more healthy foods we are happy with Cheddar, Mozzerella, Monteray Jack, Provelone and Colby cheeses for starters. We don't think that any kind of vinegar needs to be used on so many of our different foods. We still like French, Catalina, Thousand Island and Ranch Dressing on our salad greens. Okay, they may not be the healthiest dressings but at least we are eating salads. Give us some credit.

Also, what is the deal with maple syrup. You do know that sugar is sugar right. Maple syrup may have some minimal trace minerals and it does add a unique flavor to foods but someone has decided to put it in foods that don't "gee-haw" with maple. What is the deal! You all are using maple syrup in places that brown sugar and/or honey would be just fine. The maple taste doesn't add anything, you are not increasing the nutritional value and the calories are not substantially decreased. I just cannot believe some of the recipes I see someone tossing maple syrup into. It just isn't right.

I realize that chefs want to show off their amazing culinary skills and that foodies are trying to broaden the food choices that we all have. I also understand the whole locavore movement. I can see that kicking maple syrup up a notch in some places up north but not down south where dandelions and plaintain are some of our native greens. I am not sure if balsamic vinegar and feta cheese even fit into the locavore movement at all. I just know that they are trendy and overdone. You all know how you laugh at the geltain salads, mushroom soup recipes and the beanie weenies of the past well in the future people are going to be laughing at all of that balsamic vinegar and feta cheese wondering what the heck you were thinking. BTW, some of us in middle America still like Jello, casseroles made with mushroom soup and beanie weenies can be great on camping trips. Sure we know they aren't the healthiest foods around but they are real food with an appeal that takes us back to our childhoods. That is not a bad thing.

It is time for the foodie movement to create real food for real people. We can't afford Kobe beef at $70 an ounce. Most of us can feed our families for a week on less than $70, so we want food and recipes that mean something to us. Also remember, lots of men are diehard "meat and potatoes" guys. We are doing good to get them to eat a few veggies and some iceburg lettuce with Ranch dressing on it. They do not want broiled salmon with roasted parsnips and rutabagas on the side. If we are ever going to make progress with getting Middle America to eat healthier and away from the local fast food place you guys need to create recipes that will appeal to people across the country and that we can afford. The meals also need to be easy to prepare because parents are working, taking care of children and attending to many other things besides trying to figure out how to get the sand out of the leeks they bought for that new recipe. BTW, leeks and shallots are overdone too. This is real life, not a test kitchen.

Good, solid, inexpensive meals using easy to obtain ingredients are the key to getting people eating at home again, avoiding the fast food trap and helping America to regain its health. Balsamic vinegar and feta cheese are not the keys to a brighter tomorrow for the majority of us.


Buzzard Head

The only things notable about October before 1974 would be hunting season, football season, the World Series and Trick or Treat, our informal name for Halloween. I am sure that some other things of note happened in other Octobers past but I don't really remember them.  However, a few Octobers stand out in my mind.

In October 1974, I fell crazy in love as only a 17 year old girl can do. I had known Steve, my first husband before October 1974 but on a Friday night that fateful October I fell hard for him. As I was just telling Stephanie we had some wonderful times when we first started dating and early in our marriage. It is too bad that we weren't able to hold onto the good and not get bulldozed by the bad. We had a beautiful son and I think that he would have benefitted if he could have been brought up by the two of us together in a happy, loving secure home. It didn't work out that way and in many ways the price was enormous.

In October 1984, I found out that I had lupus. At the time I was the single parent of a not quite seven year old son. In the only time that I ever "bargained" with God, I asked him to please let me live long enough to get my son to age 18. I didn't ask for anything more and I have never tried to "bargain" with God again. I know that a lot of people do "bargain" with God regularly but I just don't feel right about it. I did it that once out of total desparation and for whatever reason I did live until my son was 18. In fact, he is now almost 37. I feel like I got very lucky.

That same October my doctor also told me I had a brain tumor. Talk about a double whammy, lupus AND a brain tumor. I didn't do any "bargaining" with God then. I had already laid all of my cards on the table so I just hoped for the best. It turned out to not be a tumor. I just have a cyst in my brain and Empty Sella Syndrome. Neither one required treatment. I have just lived with both of them all of this time. No big deal. Hey, it wasn't cancer. Life was good.

In October 1994 my father had a serious cerebral hemmorage. We were told he would not survive the night. We got very lucky. He not only survived the night but we still have him here with us today. There were no bad long term effects. The doctors never found out what caused the brain hemmorage. I just hope we never go through that again. We were so lucky that God decided he wasn't ready for daddy yet. We still celebrate how lucky we were.

During that same month, right after I found out that Daddy was going to be okay I found out that my best friend of 23 years had cervical cancer. She had an extremely aggressive form of the disease. Rita wasn't as lucky as daddy was. She died 3 years later at the age of 40. I felt like my heart had been ripped out but I was lucky enough to be right there with her as her beautiful spirit left this world to go home. Rita was the best friend a woman could have. We had been best friends for 26 years and had reared our children together. It was a great ride.

In October 2012, we lost Stephanie's mom. It hurt to lose her but at the same time Altzeimer's Disease had stolen her from us already. In many ways it was a blessing for her to go home and be with friends and family who had preceded her on the trip.

In October 2014, I was told that I did have a tumor on my spine and that it was probably malignant. Well guess what, I seem to be too mean for cancer to mess with(knock on wood). I do have a tumor but it is not malignant. Of course, we have to hope that the MRI is wrong and that the CT is correct. Now, the fact that I do not have cancer makes me want to dance. The fact that I am in continued excruciating pain due to this tumor and an issue with a bulging disk makes the dancing part a little difficult. It seems however that despite the fact that I do have these issues that the doctors say that there isn't anything that they can do for me. Oh happy day! I get to live with the pain and consider it my new normal. I could try going to another doctor for a second opinion but really. There are very few options for either of my conditions so I am not going to waste the time, energy or money. I will just get used to the new normal and celebrate the fact that my tumor is not malignant. It could be a hell of a lot worse. Oh, by the way...even if the tumor had been malignant it is not the kind that will kill you. It just needs to be "dealt" with. So, if I had of been the owner of a malignant tumor at least it would have been the kind to have, right? Of course, right!


Buzzard Head
I thought I was going to be able to write about issues that I am upset about but it just isn't going to happen right now. I am just too angry. When I finally do write about it the story may seem like a "tempest in a teapot" to you but to me it is a crock of shit. I feel like the top of my head could blow off.



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