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I get it...I hope you understand that...

What a day!

More fodder for the book, tense moments, Zyoh's little dog died in the middle of the night and here I am needing to go to sleep and yet not feeling sleepy. My heart hurts. Zyoh was crying so hard. She felt like she had let her little dog down when she had been taking him to the vet, including a specialist in an effort to find out what was wrong with him and get him well. It was so very heartbreaking.

I gave Life a stern talking to on Facebook but I doubt it will do any good. Life does what life will do whether we like it or not. Just like anybody else, Life has its own ideas about things.

Sometimes I just wonder. Someone said that I overthink things. Maybe I do but things need to be thought about and that is just that.

It is what it is.


I just felt like listening to sad songs...

I just felt like listening to sad songs...

Annoying but relevent...

This is my theme song. It is annoying but relevent. Love the message!

This has been one hell of a crazy ride! I am not sure which end is up. I will be glad when I have a clue about what is going on. Ambiguity is so hard on my heart.

I forgot...

that outer space is actually one vast sucking vacuum. The stars are so lovely and inviting but they don't tell the whole story. There is so much more to the Universe. You can't forget the black holes and worm holes among other thngs.

Wow, what a difference a day makes!

Yesterday ended up on a truly sucky note.(Yesterday would have been Tuesday.) Today however has been much better, well except for a very poorly timed problem with the DSL. That was just a glitch on the radar.

My heart is singing in a way that it hasn't in ages, eons even. That is a good thing. It is a very good thing.

The little dog has been most naughty! At times I would like to pinch her head off. I can only mop the floor so many times. I don't know why at the age of nine she seems to have forgotten what her pad is for at times. Little stinker!

I have a great new yard dude. Please let him work out. Oh, how I need for that to happen. I just need to be able to maintain a relationship beyond 18 months or so with a yard guy. I hope this is THE one.

Miss Teffers' situation is getting worse. I don't know what to do. I am just about maxxed out. I don't have a lot more to give myself. I will keep praying. Things have got to get better.

Despite some roller coaster moments, I am a happy little camper. There are events that are making my laugh and smile more than I have in a while. I probably look like the cat that ate the canary as I am typing this and I know that my eyes are twinkling. They are like bright stars in deep space beckoning those who live beyond the pull of Earth's gravity toward them. Some of us can travel without a space station. NASA has nothing on us.


Curve balls...

I should be used to these by now. Well, I am not. I am befuddled. It is not a bad thing. It is just caught me off guard and I feel off balance. Wow, just wow! I think my world is more than just rocked. It is turned upside down and backwards. I am sure that my brain will catch up soon enough. It better. It is certainly slacking right now. Heaven help me. LOL! If this sounds melodramatic just know that it is really just confusion you know one of those "what the hell happened here" kinds of things. Life is interesting!


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