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Whither Thou Writest...Or Not...

I have been having trouble today getting my writing mojo working. It all started with me deciding to participate in July Novel Writing Month julnowrimo.com, sounds good for a writer so far write, WRONG...either I am hinky or the website is hinky or it doesn't really jive with Firefox or Safari or my moon was not in alignment with the stars or something. I could not get the site to cooperate with me and I got TESTY!!!!! It was not a pretty sight, so I did the adult thing, I turned off the computer, told it and the website off then went to do something else.

Now, I am no longer a writer of computer code and I am not a software engineer but darn it, if you write software you need to make it user friendly even for boneheaded cyberspuds who might wander through to check things out. ARGH! I will try JulNoWriMo again tomorrow. I really want to do JulNoWriMo even though I have nary a clue as to what I would write about. Yes, I know July is only one day away but I am an unbridled optimist even if I do have issues with some websites. ARGH, again!

I did do some silly writing today, am well under one thousand words for the day and don't see that getting much better. Part of the problem is that I fell a couple of days ago and really hurt myself. Today I finally took a muscle relaxer and my mood is not pretty upon the muscle relaxer wearing off. I don't do well with a lot of medications and muscle relaxers are in that category. I am in less pain but my "chakras are out of alignment." ARGH!

Today I did get my van out of the shop, FINALLY...I am one happy little girl. (If indeed a 53 year old woman can be a little girl!) I also got a GREAT prize basket from Daily Demitasse
dailydemitasse.com and cannot wait to try the Kahana coffee that was part of my prize. Jennifer the webmistress of Daily Demitasse wants my picture with the coffee mug that I won. I am not so much on pictures but I will humor her. It WAS a nice price basket and I AM grateful. I just don't like my picture to be taken even for a good cause. I am short, fat, my hair is thinning and I have a BIG lupus butterfly on my face. Stephanie says we will try to do something artistic. I told her we'd probably end up with some of my whiskers in the picture...that's right...I have whiskers too!!! LOL!!!!

So as you can see, this has not been a day for writing. Tomorrow I will get in gear and see what I can do. I thank you for bearing with me and for being part of my support group. I appreciate you all.


Ardee-ann slacker supreme! <big toothy grin>

ETA ~ Coffee in the gift basket came from kohana.com they are a small roaster in Austin, Texas specializing in Hawaiian coffee. I can highly recommend their Hawaiian Prime Medium Roast. It has a great flavor and the price is much less than most Hawaiian coffees. Check them out.

Also dailydemitasse.com is going to open a basket gift shop on their site. I can recommend her ability to create a lovely looking basket. I was impressed with the basket arrangement itself and the quality of the items it contained. Thank you Jennifer.

For full disclosure I won this gift basket from dailydemitasse.com as mentioned above and it had the kohana.com coffee in it but I was not otherwise compensated for mentioning their products. It was a prize and I certainly enjoyed it.


Jul. 1st, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
to Mer...
thanks for the idea...you made me laugh so hard!!!! LOL!!!! You are a peach!

As for the fall, ouch...just reading about yours hurts. I am glad it is in the past, hopefully mine will be too very soon.




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