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I am sure that I drive English majors, teachers and the grammar patrol crazy with my punctuation and grammar. Oh well, it is part of my charm. If it makes you think that I am uneducated and stupid, you are wrong but I don't care enough to memorize all of the rules to "toe the line," so there you go.

This month has bee more like JulWriSo than JulWriMo but hey, the purpose is to write every day and by gosh, by golly I have succeeded in my own way and my own definition of day. If I am off by an hour well that is just how I roll. Any you?

A friend of mine has just finished a novel that I have enjoyed very much. She has had trouble with the novel, the characters and plot have not been cooperating with her at all. Things got a little convoluted and contrived but that happens sometimes. It is like cooking. You may think that your ingredients are perfect but something still is a little off. Maybe you didn't stir enough, maybe you stirred too much, maybe the oven wasn't quite hot enough...there is always something to make a dish/novel/story either perfect or lacking a little something. I am sure that with revision (which my novelist friend hates) the novel will be more than fine. I love her stories and I think that everything will be smoothed out with just a little extra work.

I have realized that the reason I cannot write a novel is because people I know will either see their foibles on the page or think that they do anyway. I know such a wide range of interesting people that truly there is very little that I could write about or at least have an interest in writing about that would not hit a moment of resonance with someone. That would not be a good thing because people could find it upsetting or they could think that they see someone else and be upset that they don't see themselves. I would have to use a nom de plume and I really have no interest in doing such a thing besides what I find to be of interest is just off-beat enough that anything I wrote would spend its life in the bargain bin before going to the shredder.

I hope that you have had a good day!



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