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JulWriSo...am I writing just to write?????

Why yes, yes I am! My muscle relaxer has kicked in so who knows if this will make sense or not but I am writing anyway. The most excitement in my life is that my ankles are almost as puffy now as they were when I was pregnant with Sean. Let me tell you, that is puffy! I guess it isn't the ankles as much as it is my feet. I can't keep my feet up long enough to get the swelling down and I am having diuretic issues right now. I bet you wanted to know all this right. Nah, I know you didn't but well it is significantly affecting me especially in the evenings. Whine, whine, whine!

We had really nice rain yesterday and last night. The temps were great for late July both yesterday and today. Our highs were better than some of our lows were last July. That is a gift in my book. We are supposed to get some more rain this week. I know the farmers need it because we have had a drought going on again. I really like the rain. Little dog does NOT like the thunder but we just have to deal with the thunder to get the rain.

Tomorrow is grocery day. Woo hoo!!! We are low on almost everything. Now I have to get myself all psyched up to deal with the ordeal of shopping. I don't know why they have to make stores so darned big these days. I used to shop in a smaller store but they remodeled it and now it is a mess. So I shop in the bigger store. There are even bigger stores in town so I guess I shouldn't kvetch too much.

The highlight of my week has been reading cool stuff about NYC on Facebook. I think I am boring Stephanie to death with tales of the city but I am having a great time reading them. I wish folks were writing this kind of stuff about Little Rock...the material is there but people just aren't writing about it. If I got out more I would like to be "that someone" but since activities are limited I am not the "girl reporter" for the Big Rock City. I think I missed my calling but then, of course, we didn't have the internet back when I was out and about all of the time. I was born too soon. LOL!!!!

I keep trying to get the house decluttered, organized and deep cleaned. I swear I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. The clutter is reproducing behind my back. I know I have reported this before but it is true. I swear it. I wish the little pixies would come take care of everything while I sleep. Dream on right! I swear, when this house is CLEAN and DECLUTTERED I will never, ever let it get out of shape again. I can't go through this ordeal again and I sure don't want anyone to go through it after I die.

The little dog is in my easy chair staring at me. She does that a lot. I don't know why. Sometimes I wish she could talk to me and let me know what is on her little mind.

I have had dreams about Sparky my cat who died about a year ago this past week. She has been in two dreams. I miss her so much. I miss all of the core cats (they are in the avatar picture). They all died within a few months of each other. They were 14 years old so they weren't exactly spring chickens. I'd love to be able to adopt a few adult cats but with Jezzi around that wouldn't work. She wouldn't hurt the cats, she just wants to play with them and gets all excited and spazzy. Cats don't like that.

Well, I think I have blabbered beyond coherence so I will sign off!



Aug. 1st, 2013 06:30 pm (UTC)
I can so relate to your diuretic issues, Ardee! I can only keep my ankles from swelling by keeping my legs elevated all the time. That, and wearing two pairs of socks when I exercise. For some reason, making my feet and ankles sweat tends to do the job, but socks are so uncomfortable when it's hot!

I don't even bother getting psyched up to go shopping anymore. i just try not to go. Except for Kim's Market, we only have the chain stores here and they're all pretty big. But I think it's only so they can carry all the junk food I'm trying so hard to avoid. Or the twenty bajillion products on the shelf that all amount to the same thing, but which make cost consciousness a difficult task. I like it when the price by the ounce is labeled, but the print is usually to small for me to decipher anymore!

I remember your cats dying one after another. That was so sad! I can't imagine what it would have been like. I only have the one, and Meekers is almost twelve now. I don't want to think of anything happening to her, but the older she gets the more I worry.

I think that when the inevitable comes I will get a large [sporting] dog, as it may help me get out of the house more. I hope. If I start with a puppy, it will be easier. I feel obligated to do right by puppies because they're babies and babies need special care. So by the time the puppy is a year old, I will have been out walking / running it for a while. I did that with my Weimeraner, Mystic. My only problem was the pitstop I had to make in the middle of my run. o_O


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