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AugWriSo...the little dog's name is mud...

The little dog has been pushing her luck lately. In fact, on more than one occasion in the past few weeks she has gotten on my LAST nerve. Now this is mostly because I have been in some kind of a helluva pain but she has also been a little twit.

Little dog is pad trained, she does not go outside to do her business. This started because she had lived the first four months of her life in a kennel. Her feet had never touched grass. She wanted to keep it that way. I tried, god knows I tried to train her to go to the bathroom outdoors. We went walking. She did not want to be on the grass. She would walk and sniff forever, by forever I mean for over an hour. This was very difficult on me due to health reasons. I still did my best even in the middle of the night but that dog could hold it until we got inside and she got to her pad. Then she would go to the bathroom.

Because she was so very little (she is a Chihuahua) I couldn't just leave her in the fenced in yard because she would be able to slip between the fence posts. She could climb any rocks put up to prevent such action and it is illegal to chain your dog in the Big Rock City so I couldn't put her on a chain in the yard to see if she would finally "go." On the one short attempt to do so she carried on like she was being killed.

I was the one being "beat up" by the little dog. I was also getting mosquito bites like crazy. It was ugly. I gave up and so the dog is pad trained, mostly. You see, 99.9% of the time she tinkles on her pad. As for the "poop factor" not so much. It is a cause for celebration if she actually DOES poop on the pad. Because of Steph's mobility issues (which are even worse than mine) I am the one who cleans up more than 90% of the dog poop. It is the HIGHLIGHT of my day. (I am lying.)

When I get up in the morning I know that there is dog poop waiting for me to clean it up but I have to sit and get my back to "unlock" so that I can bend over to clean it up. If she is awake, this delay annoys the little dog to no end. She will act up and carry on until I come to see her "treasures" she has left behind. Then she has the sheer and unmitigated GALL to stand and watch me clean the fecal matter up. This is what really annoys me to no end. It is bad enough that she will NOT poop on the pad but to stand and watch me clean up her mess really makes me want to throttle her. (Have I ever told you that I am seldom in a civil mood when I wake up? Add to that cleaning up dog poop while my back is in severe pain and my vertigo kicks in like a mad bastard and you can see that I am less than chipper at these times.)

If I have the AUDACITY to have cleaned up the dog poop before she gets up, the little dog will go in and work up a load so that I will have to clean up doggie doo again. Oh, this really thrills me to no end because is is usually within a half an hour of the first clean up and my pain level is still not down for the morning although the vertigo is not quite as bad. As soon as she "does the deed" she comes into the living room where I am online and starts pestering the fire out of me to get up and clean up the mess she has just made. Heaven forbid if I am in the middle of something and don't jump right up when her majesty demands my attention.

Usually within minutes (because I cannot ABIDE knowing that there is dog crap on the floor) I am up cleaning up the latest mess and sanitizing yet again whatever spot she has chosen to defile. Again, she stands and STARES at me while I do this work. I don't know why this behavior chaps my fanny so much but it does. After cleaning and sanitizing I scrub my hands and then go back to work doing whatever I was up to online. Well, in recent weeks she has decided that she is to be fed in the morning. Until the past few weeks she was always fed at night unless she got a little snicky snack.

If I DARE to forget to put dog food down for her then she acts up until I do so. Now, she ALWAYS has crunchies available but that is not good enough for her royal majesty. She has to have a dish of Cesar dog food. If I have put down a dish of Cesar or if there is one left from the evening before she eats it and then demands another so that I have to get up when SHE decides that I will get up. If I don't get up to give her another food guess what she does...that's right, she goes and makes another deposit for me to clean up. It is a vicious cycle. However, once everything is done to her demanding specifications the little dog will go to take a nap that lasts for most of the day because that is how she rolls.

Well tonight, she managed to get herself into so much trouble that I may not get over it for a while. I went into my bedroom where I noticed I had left my towel and noticed something on it. I took a closer look. IT WAS DOG POOP!!! That is right there was DOG POOP on my towel. (A couple of times a year when I have not been sufficiently attentive to her demands she will poop in my room, in my chair or on my bed.) Well, the bad thing about this time that I found the dog poop was that the towel was not in a place that she could reach it. This means that the time before when I had used the towel, which is brown by the way, she had pooped on my towel when it was on my bed for a few minutes. Because of the color of the towel and the color of the poop I didn't notice it when I picked up the towel and I obviously "flipped off" the little turdlets over the end of the bed when I picked up the towel. In addition, I think that every towel has at least two uses in it so this means that when I had just used the towel earlier in the day it had DRIED DOG POOP ON IT that I did not notice. GAG A MAGGOT!!!! It was just a very small amount of dog poop but still how gross is that. I also know that she did this on purpose because she was mad at me for some reason. Chihuahuas can be vindictive little creatures, thus the little dog is "in dutch" with her grannie. I am one very unhappy camper. I mean really!!!!

Do not let the precious little face in the photo above draw you in. She is a sly one. She will love on you and tell you that you are her favorite grannie and then she will crap on your towel. I assure you that my towel will not be left on my bed for one second if I am not in the room until I forget about her evil ways.

Yes, this little dog has us wrapped around her little paw and yes, she is spoiled rotten. I am just as guilty of this as is Steph although I blame it on Steffie at least once a day.

This little dog ought to be glad that I love her very, very much because I can think of some ornery things I would like to do to her but she'd probably just crap on my pillow. So I just have to suck it up and sanitize my towel. Thank goodness I buy Lysol in large quantities!


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Aug. 12th, 2013 03:05 pm (UTC)
OMFG. I am tempted to come right on over and give your Little Dog a piece of my mind. I know it wouldn't work, but still.

I am much more practiced in the way of training dogs from puppyhood than I am in training rescue dogs. That said, since Jez uses a pad, the way I would encourage her would be to put some of her poop on the pad so she knows "where it goes." This generally works with puppies and pee, though I'm not sure it would work with Jez because she is a vindictive little beggar!

I so would have lost it if I realized there was dog poop on a towel I had used on my person! Ewwww!

Did I mention: "Ewwwwwwwww!"?

I think I would have hopped in the shower right off and used a fresh towel!

I feel your pain, Ardee, I really do, but the munchkin is blackmailing you. If you let her get away with it she's going to find some new method of torture. The smart ones are the worst with that.

Do you have a crate for her? I wouldn't usually suggest this, but if you take her to the scene of her crime and, err, rub her nose in it (not literally, just give her a whiff), tell her "No!!" and then put her in the crate for about 15 minutes, it might just sink in that she shouldn't poo anywhere she feels like pooing. Then you praise the bejesus out of her when she does what she's supposed to. My critters adore[d] being praised. They can't get enough of my lovins and had no need of anything else. My dog (Mystic) and Meekers would fly to the moon for me if I would give them lovins in return. It really does work.

I might use the crate for the food antics, too. You're the boss. You get to decide when she eats. It's not good for her to overdo. And it's not good for her (or you) to think she's the dominant member of the pack. That's what she's doing. It's all about dominance--and who will be the boss of whom!
Aug. 12th, 2013 07:15 pm (UTC)
Mer, first let me say that after I discovered the "poo" on the towel I did shower again immediately. I just failed to write about that. I considered editing the post and adding that, I just haven't done it.

Jezzi and I DO battle for who is the "alpha dog." She KNOWS that I am the "alpha" but she is NOT willing to concede the fight yet. Good grief it has been seven years.

We do praise Jezzi up one side and down the other when she poos on her pad. She loves the praise but just can't seem to poo on the pad every time she goes. She KNOWS what the pad is for because she tinkles on it just like she is supposed to do but poo is a whole different issue. Sometimes the poo issue happens because of "traveling" in the process and other times she doesn't even make the effort.

She does have a crate (we call it her den) but Steffie will not let me crate her for discipline because she wants her to see the "den" as a safe place. That is where she goes for storms, fireworks and other such things. It really is her "safe place" and I understand Steph's POV but I am also tired of the doggie doo issue.

Regarding food, Jezzi still eats the same amount of food she was eating before. She just has started demanding it earlier in the day. The quantity is unchanged. Her weight is perfect and has never been a problem. A few years ago we thought she was going to "spread" but she didn't. She is big for a Chihuahua and despite arguments to the contrary I do not believe she is a pure breed. Our vet also has his doubts but he says that he has seen Chihuahuas her size. So maybe she is...it doesn't matter we love her even if she is an ornery little stinker.

I think that things would be a lot different if we had her from puppyhood but she is a puppy mill dog who is VERY inbred. Her "relatives" had serious disabilities due to being so inbred. Jezzi came with some very serious quirks but really for the most part she has "toned down." The biggest problem is the "poo" issue and her trying to out alpha me. I love this little dog but I will make sure no bath towels are left where she can get to them EVER again. The thought still totally grosses me out. :shudder:

Thanks for the advice. I really do appreciate it.


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