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Right now the little dog looks so very sweet. She is sleeping in my chair and her tongue is hanging out just a little bit. I think she is so very precious. Well, sometimes...mostly when she is asleep and not being naughty, naughty, naughty!

We got some stuff done at the house today. YAY!!!! Steffers and Zyoh also went to the grocery store to get pet food. That is the heaviest of what we get at the store so having her to help get that stuff into the house is a HUGE help. I don't know what we would have done without all of her assistance these past several weeks as my back does not seem to be getting any better. The neuropathy is improved with the extra gabapentin but my back is still pretty bad. I do hope that the new swimsuit works out when it gets here AND that the PT/Water Therapy thing works out AND that I start losing some weight AND that the dietician at the Family Medical Center is not the rude woman I had to deal with the last time I worked with a dietician.

I realize that I am not doing a great job about keeping up with my blogging. It seems that by the time it is blog time my brain is dead and I can't think about any of the wonderful things I wanted to write about. Those things aren't incredibly clever or any such notion but they are just little things that crossed my mind that I thought would be fun to put into the blog.

Well, here is to tomorrow being a super duper day.



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Aug. 20th, 2013 01:12 am (UTC)
I don't know where my head was back in May, but I don't know if I was aware you'd hurt your back. Did you do something interesting to it, or wake up that way? (I've had the experience of doing both for the same injury, but that's because I have talent.) I'm glad your gabapentin was increased to help you cope, though I know there's a tendency to, whatchacallit ....

::taking a break for Menopause Brain::

...get accustomed to the dose and then have to up it again.

::still not remembering the word, dammit::

I do hope you get a suit that fits and better dietician when you're ready to do the PT and weight loss stuff.

--Brain Still Vacationing in Acapulco
Aug. 20th, 2013 06:37 am (UTC)
Mer, I have done both too. Once I "threw my back out" by raising my hand to pet my dog, Beaver. Yes, raising my hand and I was down for more than a week then in serious pain for a long time after that.

This time it was as we were decluttering and the trash cans were really full and really, really, really heavy. Our trash bins(provided by the city) are pretty big and can hold a lot. Anyway, moving the trash cans to the curb caused me to injure my back. I was in tears from pain while trying to move them but there was no one to call to take care of getting the trash bins down. I just had to do it. Well, the pain not only kept getting worse instead of getting better but my neuropathy got seriously worse and virtually out of control. It got bad enough that I went to see the doctor. She sent me for a nerve conduction study and an EMG. Well, they verified that I had very severe neuropathy and had damage to nerves in my back right at my S1. Well, I knew these things but at least it verified that I wasn't a hypochondriac and that things were really bad.

I am glad for the extra Neurontin in my daily dose. I hope I don't develop a tolerance for it or have my neuropathy get worse. I still have some breakthrough neuropathy but so far(knock on wood) it is tolerable.

Oh, one more thing to add to my "tale of woe." My dad came by for some reason the day the super heavy trash cans were on the curb waiting for pickup. He accidentally knocked one over when he pulled into the driveway. I don't know how he got it picked up. I went out there to see him and saw him picking up stuff that had fallen out of the trash bin. He looked at me and asked me how I got it to the curb because "that son of a bitch weighs at least 750 pounds." That is a direct quote. Now, I know that it didn't weigh 750 pounds but daddy is NOT one to do a lot of exaggerating so I knew that they had to be as heavy as I thought they were for him to say that. Later when he got back home to his house he told my mother that he had no clue how I got the trash cans to the curb because of how heavy they were. My daddy isn't much on saying stuff like that either so that really lets me know that they were super heavy. No wonder I hurt myself so much.

While the gabapentin is currently helping the neuropathy it sure isn't helping my back. I know a lot of people take it for back pain but if it is helping I sure as heck wouldn't want to be without it. I will leave it at that.

I have bought the swim suit. It will probably be here by Wednesday so I will know if it will do right. Also, I am already working on weight issues but will start the official doctor supervised weight loss plan when I see my PCP again on September 30th. I just hope this dietician doesn't talk to me like I am an idiot. I can't stand that. :-P

Sorry I told you how the watch was made.


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