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AugWriSo...I will almost avoid...

I thought I should avoid talking about dog poop in this blog post because I know my dear readers can get TOO much of a good thing but well, just as I started writing the little dog decided it was "dookie" time so I am advertising it to the world. She is a stinky little pooper dooper. I know that reading this has just MADE your day. Your welcome!

Tomorrow Miss Teffers is taking Zyoh to the airport for a business trip. Today after about a month of planning there was a great deal of panic about something related to the "petsitter." It is truly a first world problem and it got solved but I can assure you that due to a lack of reliability the petsitter will never take care of these granddogs again and if there was any time to create a viable option she would NOT be taking care of Toby and Cooper this time either. I swear, if Steph and I had the health to be able to handle Toby and Cooper that little missy wouldn't have had to worry about this job. We do have extra safeguards in place to assure that the sitter IS taking care of Toby and Cooper but really, I don't know why people can't be reliable. Geez Louise! Again, I know...first world problems!

At some point while I was writing this blog I talked about writers, the art of writing, sometimes my writing and other blogs about reading and writing. That practice has pretty much gone the way of the Edsel as I have just begun blathering on about things in my personal life and, of course, doggie doo! The true purpose of this blog is so that I will actually write something, preferably every day, so that I will use my brain and fingers. I have written one complete novel since I started blogging and "thinking more" about writing. It needs serious editing and revisions but the novel is written. It sits in a manilla envelope on my desk. I see it every day, several times a day. The dream never dies.

I have also written short, short stories, some flash fiction, a few personal essays and crafted a few tales with the hope of being part of "Tales of the South" again. I love to write but I am not a disciplined writer. I am not disciplined about anything. I drive organized people to distraction. Heck, I can even drive unorganized people to distraction. I do things my own way. I don't thing anyone else has ever "heard my tune." LOL!!!

It is interesting that I made several writing friends early on but many have dropped away because in their opinion I am just not serious enough about my writing but yet there are many writers who realize that I write to my own muse and make a good reader and so they still "hang out with me." I bring this up because someone recently advised me that she dropped me from her list recommended blogs because I was obviously not doing anything to make myself write. Several tacky little thoughts came to my mind but I just told her that I understood and wished her well with her upcoming novel. I have been a beta reader for her. I never asked her to link to my blog, that was solely her idea and I was surprised when she did so. I just thought we shared a love of history, historical romance, writing and reading. I didn't know I was supposed to be producing something to be her friend. I guess it is just one of those things. I do want to write more about my amazing writer friends and sometime I will. Right now, I am just glad to write anything at all.



Aug. 20th, 2013 06:49 am (UTC)
Re: BTW, thanks for the overshare about doggie dookie!
I know there is too much about the doggie doo but it is a real issue right now. LOL!!! ;)

The reason I blog is to make myself write something even if it is drivel. I am writing. So I am doing exactly what you suggest.

One of my friends who "hangs out" and writes also works full time, has a husband, crochets, maintains blogs, reads prolifically AND usually has at least 3 books/stories going at the same time. She boggles my mind. I do good to write in my blog a few times a week. I do NOT know where they get the time and energy. I wish I did.

Thank you for appreciating me and being an advocate. As for the chick who did this now I know why no one else wanted to be a beta reader for her and why she had so much trouble getting people to review her book for Amazon. Oh, she has over 10K followers on Twitter so it isn't like shes not connected to the writing community. She started getting twitty with me when I wouldn't do a "blog tour" thing when her book came out. I am not set up to be part of a "blog tour." My blog is just a bunch of babbling and such. A "blog tour" post on my blog would NOT have been an asset.

Oh well, that is ancient history. I still will read her books though because she can write well. There were some problems with the first novel but I think that she has them ironed out and I am really looking forward to reading the next novel. I am certainly not vindictive. LOL!




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