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AugWriSo...drivel, sheer drivel...

I think I had some good ideas for my blog post tonight but well, I got some news that made me go ballistic. Yeah, I was angry. In fact, I was more furious that I have been in years. I probably could have punched a hole in the wall. I was that mad. I am not angry now. I am more sad about the situation. I am sick to my stomach and I have managed to break out in some bodacious hives. I haven't broken out in hives from being angry in more than 17 years at least. So this was a whopper of a bad reaction to something. It is one of those things that I can't do a damned thing about except pray. That always makes me feel impotent even though I am a firm believer in the power of prayer.

To try to calm myself down I went out an gazed at the full moon. I like to connect with nature when I am trying to find some sense of balance. After doing that I went and washed dishes. Now you KNOW I had to be really working on settling down if I thought washing dishes would help the situation. Actually it did, washing dishes can be a very "zen" activity. I really enjoy washing dishes. At one point in my life I would have never believed that I would say such a thing but Flylady got me hooked on dish washing and it has been a great outlet ever since. The only drawback from the moon gazing and dish washing was that they really made my back start hurting. It is only settling down again now about 2 hours after I got it all knotted up.

Today has been a good day over all. For some reason lately I have been very, very talkative. Now being a chatterbox is in my nature, thus the name of this blog but I have been over the top for months now. Poor Stephanie gets to listen to all of the treatises. Maybe I should just write them in my blog but some are very, very, very controversial and really I don't want to get into debates or attract trolls. I just have thoughts on some controversial subjects and I tend to read lots of opinions on them so I have lots of thoughts. For me the internet is an amazing tool for learning and gathering information. If I had access to the internet as a teenager I can guarantee that my life would have been much different than what it is now and I probably would have gone into a field related to math or science. I might have worked harder in my computer classes and pursued a degree in computer sciences. I would have still loved humanities and the social sciences but I think I would have focused more on science and ended up with a career in that field.

The state of the world concerns me. I think things are spiraling out of control and not in a good way. The almost endless human suffering as well as political manipulation are so unnecessary. We are losing our basic sense of humanity. It is a scary thing to watch.

I am too absorbed in deep thoughts right now and the Benadryl that I took for the hives is about to kick my fanny. I think I will sign off.




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