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Well, the story started off maybe better than it really was or there is the possibility that there has been some spin put out to get people to "chill" but I HAVE seen pictures that support the original story so NOW I will tell all. Are you ready?

Around 9 pm this evening (Friday) word came out that 12 barges had escaped from a tugboat on the river and that ALL of the bridges between Little Rock and North Little Rock except for one which is way down to the east were closed. Also, the rogue barges were headed for the one bridge that was still open. This meant that anyone from LR who was in NLR was SOL for getting home and vice versa.

There was some wondering on a local Facebook page about why the I-430 bridge was closed because not only was it way to the west BUT there is a BIG DAM between it and all of the other bridges. There was no way the renegade barges on the I-430 side of the dam could get to the other bridges. So we were all wondering "WTH?" Now, the other bridges in question the Broadway, the Main Street, the I-30, the railroad bridge and the Clinton Library Pedestrian Bridge are all in fairly close proximity to each other. You can pass them all a mile, maybe two I think, via the River so I can see why they would all be closed. The I-440 bridge, the one to the east is about two or three miles via the river away from all of the rest of the bridges. The mileage estimates are made by someone who is guessing at best. There is not one road that you can just drive down by the river to check out how far they are from each other and I am not industrious enough to look up a marine map to be precise.

So, here all but ONE artery from LR to NLR is closed on a Friday night. The one open bridge is WAY out of the way for normal traffic and if people have been out drinking then this is going to be a more dangerous and possibly uglier Friday night than usual because of people having to drive several miles out of the way to get from one city to another while under the influence of alcohol.

Finally, sometime after 10 pm the bridges were all opened again because supposedly the incident was not as bad as initially reported. There was supposedly "one" barge that hit the Main Street bridge and the Coast Guard "checked out" the supports, declared that all was good and allowed all of the bridges to open again. Well, the official story doesn't hold water because a peep from my local LR group was on the Clinton pedestrian bridge when the loose barges came through. He thought he was going to DIE from the bridge collapsing because of the hits it was taking from the barges AND he took a photo which I will post below. I don't know that I see 12 loose barges but there is not just one AND the Clinton Pedestrian bridge is the last bridge in the row that I listed above (before i-440) which is the one way down the river which means that more bridges were potentially hit between the Main Street Bridge and the Clinton Pedestrian Bridge. Also the bridge(s) were checked IN THE DARK!!!! I am not at ALL convinced that LR/NLR is really in the all clear but I have reported the "official story" and I think it smells like yesterday's diaper after having seen the photo of the loose barges down by the Clinton Pedestrian Bridge. I'd like to know WHO got paid off! I just hope the bridges are safe.

Okay, so that is the 411 from The Big Rock City about the great barge break out! I hope that they are all rounded up now. I also hope they aren't carrying anything explosive.




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