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AugWriSo...my pistons are rusty...

I had some great idea that I was going to blog about but then Firefox crashed and I went to do some other things. Do you think that I can remember what the heck I was going to even talk about? Well, no, of course not! My brain is perpetually fried and I am not even getting a few glasses of wine out of the deal. What the heck!

Last night I found out someone has actually be reading my blog. Well, I was impressed. I mean like "butter my butt and call me a biscuit" impressed. He even thought it was something that I was able to write 10K words about dog poop. Before you start doing word count I can tell you it is much closer to 2K words about doggie doo but hey, at least he was reading. It made me smile big time.

Speaking of doggie poo(how did you like THAT smooth as silk segue)the little dog has poo'd on her pad more often than not the past three or so days. I hate to get excited about it but I am hoping that after SEVEN years that we have a trend going for us. Trust me it is a lot easier to clean up when it is on the pad than when it is not. I have such high hopes. I hope they aren't dashed!

Yesterday, Steph and I used our Olive Garden gift cards for lunch. She had the portabello mushroom ravioli and I had the never ending pasta bowl. Actually it was more like the neve  ending meatball extravaganza. They didn't put much sauce at all on the pasta which is a BIG change from years past and when I found out that I could just get the meatballs well, that was that. I am all about the meatballs. Of course, I really like Olive Garden's salad too. I ate a bunch of salad, too many meatballs and a few breadsticks for good measure. We had a wonderful time. Our waitress was super charming and it was just great!

Next week we are using our last gift card to eat "shrimp till you drop" at Red Lobster. We like shrimp! We save up our gift cards for these special events.

Well...since I forgot about what fun thing I was going to write about I guess I am finished for tonight. Oh, one last thing. I have found a group about "Cruisin' Geyer Springs" on Facebook. The guys are talking about all of the cars they had back in the day and their project cars. I would love to have one of those bad daddy cars with some Detroit muscle under the engine. If I had the money I would get one an go cruisin' in style. That would totally kick ass and then some.

All my love!



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