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about what a PITA my little dog is? I don't think I can count that high. Well, she just keeps running up the score. Too bad she isn't a star player for for the Razorbacks because we'd have this season CLINCHED!!!! Last night after I went to bed and went to sleep she went tearing through the house like she was out for blood. I was too tired to get up and see what the heck she was carrying on about. I just hope she was keeping a burglar(like we have anything worth stealing) or a raptor away from the door. If either one were the case then all is forgiven BUT I didn't see any signs of either one later in the day so I think she was just being a pill.

In the middle of the night she woke up Stephanie insisting that she was hungry and needed to be fed. There was a container of food in her bowl. Sometimes I think she just tests us.

When I went to take my shower I opened a new bar of soap(can you see where this is going) and the little dog got the wrapper out of the trash then took it into my room tearing it into hundreds of shreds. I will be picking up soap wrapper pieces until hell freezes over.

Oh, also while I was in bed the dog left enough "breadcrumbs"(a euphemism for you know what) in the kitchen to get to Dallas and back. Now that was fun to deal with. Then tonight after dinner she decided to do something similar. It was even more gross. I was ready to box her up and send her to Tripoli!

One more cheery thing about the little dog...she will not eat her food from her bowl. She likes it "to go." So she picks up her inordinately expensive little Cesar cups and carries them to whatever room she decides will make a good dining room for the evening which means that I spend a great deal of time collecting said little cups to throw them away. Sometimes she hides a few of the cups and brings them out in the middle of the night to wake someone up in order to demand food when she already has food in her bowl. I hate it when that happens.

Now you might suggest dumping her food out of the plastic cup into her food bowl. It is a bad, bad, bad idea. Why you ask? Because the little dog will pick up her "pate" and carry it through the house until she finds a place where she wants to eat it dropping bits of dog food on the floor (GAK, GAK) and sometimes burying them in our blankets until she is ready to eat them. This is too gross for words so I go around picking up white plastic cups and hope that I can find all of them.

I have never had a dog that is such a pill in all of my life. I love her but she really has some naughty, naughty things that she does.

Okay, enough of the little dog for right now. Let me tell you about something I have noticed. There are many Christian(self identified) women who write and post on Christian blogs who use the words "freakin'," "frickin'," and "friggin' " an awful lot. I personally don't understand this. Do they not know that these words are merely euphemisms for the word "fucking" or do they not care? If they don't care why don't they just "cowgirl up" and use the word "fucking" to begin with, at least they'd be honest and upfront without hiding behind some supposedly acceptable facade. I am not a prude and at one time "f*ck" and its many conjugations were key words in my vocabulary but when I read "Christian" blogs in which "the select few" are telling others how to live their lives while basically using vulgar language I have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. I don't have a problem with Christians cussing, drinking, dancing, fornicating, gambling and etc. as long as they maintain a live and let live attitude for everyone else. I mean we all will eventually meet our Maker somewhere down the line to answer for our behavior. I may have to do a LOT of explaining about having written this paragraph in my blog but if someone is busy "getting into the business" of others while engaging in behavior/language unbecoming to one who would willing cast the first stone I just find myself wondering "what is up" and rolling my eyes a lot. I am a live and let live kind of a gal as long as you are not doing anything to hurt another person or animal and only engage in sex with consenting adults. I just don't understand some of the actions of others. It baffles me and that's all I have to say about that.

So, now that I have complained about the poor little dog who is looking so sweet sleeping in my chair and probably angered many people of the Christian persuasion I guess it is time for me to sign off.



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