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I had planned to not write about the little dog for a few days because I was afraid that my massive list of readers (ha ha) would get tired of reading about the little dog and abandon me for someone who writes about llamas, chocolate chip cookies or parasailing...you know something interesting, but well the little dog is AT IT AGAIN so here I am writing about her today.

Yesterday Stephanie and I ran some errands...doctor appointment, grocery store...you know exciting stuff. We did however forget our Powerball tickets. I hate it win that happens, darn it! Anyway, while we were out...someone in this household(yes, that's right the author of this blog) left her FAVORITE Mamaw Dress(house dress to the uninitiated) on the bed. This was NOT a good idea. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. :rolleyes:

When we came home from the store and I recovered enough after putting up groceries to change clothes I went to go get my favorite Mamaw dress to put on and wear as I was doing dinner type things. As I picked it up and was trying it turn it right side out I thought I felt a wet spot on it but decided that I must have splashed water on it when I was brushing my teeth before we left the house. I then put my dress on and noticed that I had not only put it on wrong side out but that there was something wrong with the pocket AND that it was a lot more "damp" than it should have been from a tooth brushing incident. I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on so I turned it right side out, held it up to look at it and then everything was VERY clear to me. The danged dog had eaten a hole in my dress right in front at the pocket. I stood there and looked at it for a minute and then commenced with some colorful language involved said little dog. Oh, I was NOT a happy camper.

The little dog, of course, sat at my feet sniffing my "going somewhere shoes" blissfully unaware that she was in dutch with her grannie and probably hoping that I would turn my back so that she could chew on my shoes. Naughty, naughty, naughty little dog...this was/is a BIG hole in my dress. It is about four or so inches across. We are not talking just a little quarter sized gnawing...we are talking a late lunch or something. It should be interesting when she poops. Sigh!

I think she deserves a guest appearance on the dog shaming site but really she has no shame. This dog will poot and then look at YOU as if to say, "What did YOU do?" She is incorrigible. Really, she is!

It has been suggested to me by a few readers that I crate the little dog. Personally, I think that is a GREAT idea and tried the crate training method when we got her seven years ago. There is a problem though. I am not the only adult in this household. No, there is another adult human being. Her name would be Steffie and Steffie put the kibosh on the whole idea of crating because she thought the little dog was too pitiful when she was in the crate. Trust me...this was a lost cause.

Now Steffie will tell you that I have spoiled the little dog as much as she has. I admit to some spoiling especially if it involves a snack or two BUT Steffie and the little dog share a bed. (The little dog thinks is is HER bed and is often put out when Steffie wants to get into it.) I think that the little dog sees Steffie as a "litter mate." There are not issues about who is in control between them. They are happy equals in the world of SageMoon Cottage. Now, that doesn't mean that the little dog hasn't torn up paper towels snatched out of the trash in Stephie's room or hasn't gotten her used tissues that were set aside for another "good blow" and made a mess with them. She has been known to do a few other naughty things to Steffie including getting her glasses out of her purse and chewing them up but I will admit she was a puppy then who was chewing EVERYTHING up that she could. I did not think we would survive her chewing phase but we did.

Anyway, despite Steffie insisting that I have spoiled the little dog too she does admit that the lack of "crating" was her doing. I think that the judicious use of her crate would have helped to prevent some of the little dog's orneriness. We will never know. I am just left to my ample and vivid imagination.

So, there is the latest story of the little dog and her most recent antics. Who knows what joys may await me later? Oh happy day! LOL!!!



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Aug. 30th, 2013 06:33 pm (UTC)
Oh no! Not the Mawmaw dress! =:o (Note well that my little smiley guy's hair is standing on end)

Did said vicious animal remove a hole in the pocket or did she go through the whole dress? And Steffie still won't budge on the crate?

Jez uses her pitifulness to get away with murder, that's for sure. Oy vey. What a dog. I almost want to say that I'd like to get my hands on her, but there might not be much left of the little dog after I was done, so I should probably refrain.
Aug. 31st, 2013 12:35 am (UTC)
Mer, the hole goes through the dress, not just the pocket. The pocket was falling through the hole which is why it looked odd. Yes, indeedy a hole in my favorite Mamaw dress. Sad but true.

Not only is it still a no about the crate from the Steffie factor but I think she is a little offended that I named her as the reason the dog is not crated. She says I spoil her just as much as she does. I have a different opinion as you know.

Jezzi does use her cuteness to get away with all kinds of crimes of the doggie variety. The problem is that she really is so darned cute that it isn't even funny.

I have learned to put my shoes up high. I guess I now need to remember not to put clothes or my bath towel on the bed. Little heifer is a tiny terror and yet I could just eat her up because she is so darned precious. She does have me wrapped around her little paw. You are right, what a dog!


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