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When it is a late Saturday afternoon during football season, in Arkansas, especially on the OPENING day of football season, if you see a "Breaking News Alert" from the statewide paper you KNOW it doesn't have diddly squat to do with Obama, Chemical Warfare, Syria or Congress!!! HELL NO, it means that the Razorbacks have won the football game!!!! Woo Pig Sooie! I am so glad to be part of the Razorback nation!!! Woo hoo!!!! We have a win under our belts. Life is good! It's Miller time! Belly up to the bar ya'll, drinks are on the house! The RazorPorkies have won a game! #NeverYield #WPS

How sweet it is!!! Yes, indeed!!!! I am sure they are partying on the Hill. After last football season every win is awesome!!!

Next week we will be playing Samford(whoever they are) in The Rock. That means when the faithful call the Hawgs that the windows on my house will rattle. I love it when that happens "Woo Pig Sooie" indeed. Rock on! We hope the Bielema brings us another victory and keeps the sweet joy of winning part of our Razorback world. Right now it is good to be a HAWG!

So, how are things in your world? I understand that Michigan won its game today. I don't know about other teams I haven't been perusing ESPN yet. All I really care about in the world of football is that the Razorbacks won today and maybe later I will start thinking about other teams. You know the teams that count the most SEC teams because those are mostly the teams we will be playing. I am sure that LSU and the Tide are kicking fanny somewhere but I can always dream that WE will beat them this year and if not this year then maybe the next. This year we are doing a lot of rebuilding.

Sorry, I started talking about the Razorbacks again, my bad! I hope your team won and that all is well in your world.



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