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Not a lot to say tonight...

I don't have a lot to say tonight, I just want to warn my readers that I am not particularly witty or clever in the written word. I am earnest and sincere. I speak from the heart and have a lot of passion but my breezy conversation is mostly reserved for spoken communication. I guess I am just too much of a nerd to come across as funny in writing. I do embrace my geekiness however and am not ashamed of same, I am proud to be a doofus. It is part of my charm.

Regarding real writing and not just drivel, I have gotten through my second edits on my WIP, gave myself a few months between the last edits and reading the novel again. I cannot believe how BAD it is in some places. What was I thinking? Do I think it can be salvaged, oh yes, indeed but I had originally hoped to have some copies self published by now. I was SO ambitious now wasn't I. LOL!!!!

I hope to have some hard copies printed up by the end of June, I don't have a printer or Microsoft Word so this is a tricky situation, which is why I don't have a hard copy yet, however, once I do and can take a red pen to the printed out copies I can make even more critical edits and really whip that baby into shape. I am a confident woman aren't I.

I believe in my ability as a writer. I believe in my novel. Everything will work out as it should. In the meantime, I keep writing. I am working on some short stories and have  an outline for another novel in the works. Even if I just create novels for my own reading pleasure and write every day from now until I die I will be a happy writer. In the meantime, I will keep plugging away because I believe in myself and in my dreams I am a positive, "I can," person.

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