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SeptWriSo...a busy day...

Well, the Teffers and I have had a busy, busy day today. First off, Teff didn't sleep all night. I found this out when I got up at seven to go to the restroom. I couldn't believe that had been up all night. I decided to stay up with her instead of going back to bed and sleeping the rest of the time that I had to snooze.

I fiddled around on the computer, cleaned up after the dog, ate a sandwich because I felt starved(I almost never eat in the morning) and did stuff to get ready to go run our errands and get to Steph's eye doctor appointment. We went to the drug store, the grocery store just for a very few things mostly dog pads, got gasoline, went and got cash because I forgot to get it at the store, then we went to Steph's doctor appointment.

Dr. Davis has moved to the 7th floor from the 1st floor. That was a hassle and made walking harder on Steph. I should have gotten her a wheelchair. We did have valet parking so that helped some. This was one of the reasons we needed cash.

The seats in the 7th floor waiting room are MOST uncomfortable. I was glad when we were called back but the guest chairs in the examining room weren't much better. It should be noted that I have hurt my back two more times this week. Pain is my constant companion. This could be why the chairs were so uncomfortable to me.

Dr. Davis says that Steffie has dry eyes too and that is what is causing her visual problems. Steffie is going to have to use artificial tears like I do but she is being a bit of a pill about it. This could be a result of a lack of sleep. Hopefully tomorrow she will be less cranky about the whole thing.

Getting back downstairs, outside, to the valet stand and then getting our car was long and tiring. Steph was really about at the end of her energy by the time we got through the exit door and to the elevator. We sat on a bench, rested, drank water(we brought our own) and then went downstairs where we again sat on a bench, rested and drank water. It really is quite a walk from the elevator to the exit. Buildings are NOT handicapped friendly unless the handicapped person is in a wheelchair and then I am not sure how "friendly" they really are because the people who WERE in wheelchairs up in the waiting room had a hard time "parking" where they weren't in the middle of everything. I am sure this has to be an uncomfortable situation to be in. For those of us who are moderately ambulatory it is a real hassle to get from Point A to Point B. Even if I had gotten a wheelchair for Stephie I honestly do not know if I would have been able to push her in it with my back injury and problems that I have with walking. Sometimes it feels like a no win situation.

Okay, after we rested in the downstairs waiting room, we went outside. I parked Steph on a bench then I had to walk UPHILL to the valet stand to see about getting the car. HELLO, most of the people who use the valet are disabled and the walk uphill to the stand was almost the last straw for me. I was near tears. I arranged for the car to meet us down the hill by the other clinic so that Steph didn't have to walk up that hill. I don't think she could have made it.

The guy brought the van around and we were glad to drive off even though the van was more than just a little hot. (We don't have air conditioning that works in the van and only one window will roll down.) We then went to Red Lobster as planned for "endless shrimp" using our gift card that we got from Zyoh for Christmas.

The beginning of our experience at Red Lobster left a lot to be desired. We were ignored for quite a while, between 10 and 15 minutes. Finally, a waitress asked if we had been waited on. We told her "No" and she at least took our drink orders. Having drinks was helpful. We had gotten to Red Lobster around 4ish but it looked like they had just been "slammed." Tables were not bussed and the restaurant was in quite a bit of disarray for a Thursday afternoon. When we were finally really served it was a waitress that I had hoped we would not get because she seems well rather rigid and less than friendly. I was right about her demeanor. Now this waitress has worked at Red Lobster for quite a while. I think it must be because they have trouble getting waitresses who actually show up and work. We only go to Red Lobster once a year at Endless Shrimp time when we have a gift card to pay for most if not all of our meal. We have seen this waitress several times so that is how we know she has worked there a long time.

We finally got our orders placed. Sadly the celebrated Red Lobster Cheese biscuits were not very good today. The rest of our food was good. That was a plus. We refrained from really eating as much shrimp as we could have eaten because we had decided that we wanted dessert. That is something else that we very seldom have at home or otherwise. Well, the dessert was to die for and worth not eating some extra shrimp. I had the chocolate chip cookie lava cake with ice cream on it. Wicked, wicked, wicked good. Mercy me! Stephanie had the chocolate wave cake with ice cream. She couldn't finish her cake. Some porky little piggie who was with her did finish it. Because it had melty ice cream on it there was no way to really box it up to bring home. Oh darn, I made the supreme effort and at it. I almost DIED!!!!! I haven't eaten that much that was sweet at one time in YEARS!!!! Of course, by about eight tonight I was ready for more shrimp and dessert. It is a good thing there wasn't any around. LOL!!!!

After we finished eating we waddled to the car. I don't know how Steffie made it, she had done way too much walking today and was totally exhausted byt the time we got to the van. Handicapped parking places are also not all that accessible for people who are basically ambulatory. I don't know how much input handicapped people have in building design, parking and etc. but I bet it isn't much. Sometimes I am surprised at how hard things can be.

After we got home we sat and rested some. I got on line and Steffie did some reading. We later fed the dog and cats. I also had the joy of cleaning up more dog scat. The highlight of my day is always provided by the little dog.

Oh, while we were gone the little stinker ate several holes in Stephanie's nightgown. I don't know what all of this new bout of chewing and destruction is about. She ALWAYS gets rawhide chewies when we go somewhere. I mentioned the word "crate" and Stephanie gave me "the stink eye." I am out voted again.

After all of our running around we have had a quiet evening at home. Stephanie went to be early since she didn't sleep last night. I hope she is able to rest well. It was a long day.



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