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SeptWriMo...a lazy day...

After having a very busy day yesterday today was a lazy, lazy, lazy day. Of course, I was up all night on line and reading. I wish my body would be happy with going to sleep before daybreak. It would be nice.

After I finally woke up today Steffie and I spent a lot of time just talking about things. Even though we are together all of the time we never run out of things to talk about. I know that would amaze some people but it is true.

I did find out today that an employee at the med center violated federal law while talking to Stephanie and if I had known about it then I would have made her wish she had done that. First she made a snide remark about Steph being on Medicare because of being disabled and tried to get Steph to tell her WHAT her disability is. Well, first of all there are not supposed to be ANY comments made about why anyone had Medicare and second of all it is not a clerk at the Med Center's business about WHY ANYONE is on disability. The fact that Steffie can barely walk and uses a cane should have been a freakin' clue that she is disabled, NOT that is was that clerk's business. Then she asked Steph if she was employed. That question is allowed because the Med Center wants to have your employment information so they can call and harass you if you are late with your bill. However, when Steph said she was not employed the clerk got snarky with her again. WTF????? You have to understand how easy going Steph is and how she usually "blows off" BS from people. If this woman's attitude upset Steph then I know for a fact she was being nasty besides the fact that her questions about being disabled violated discrimination laws. I get angrier and angrier every time I think about it.

If it hadn't been after 5 when I found out about this BS I would have been calling the clinic manager about this nonsense. I am furious!

However, that was the only problem for the day. Well, beside the little dog getting into my basket of laundry. Fortunately Steph caught her before she ate anything. We have figured out what has caused the clothes munching issue. Jezzi is very, very, very attracted to the scent of Foille which is a first aid ointment. Steph has had a rash recently, as have I. I have also had more than my share of mosquito bites. We have been using Foille. Little dog is "Foille munching." I guess we have to be even more careful. The dog is quite a pip.

Steph and I were in the mood for some pizza rolls this evening but didn't want to heat things up with the oven so I tried making them in the microwave. They aren't nearly as good in the microwave as they are in the oven but they are better than a kick in the head so we ate and enjoyed them. Later this evening I decided I wanted a few more...there were only about five left, so I put them in my "eating bowl" instead of on the Pyrex pie plate. Because they were bundled together I put them in the microwave for longer than I had earlier this evening. That was a BAD idea. I burned them. The house reeks and I may have ruined the bowl. Boo, hiss! It is a cute little Oriental soup bowl and if is is ruined I am going to be most unhappy with myself. Personally, I am not too thrilled about the fact that I have made the house smell so bad. BLECH!!!! I also hate to waste food of any kind.

So that tells you about the excitement we had today. Personally I was wishing for another Red Lobster gift card and some more shrimp. They were really good yesterday. They were better than the pizza rolls and bologna sandwich I had today. LOL!!!




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