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To say that last week sucked would be an understatement. Most of the problem was of my own making but still it was rank! Long story short I hurt some people and really anyone who knows me KNOWS that I wouldn't do such a thing intentionally. Well, unless they were trying to mug me or something and then if at all possible they are going down but that is something different altogether.

I did learn tonight that a very well liked hair stylist from my area committed suicide this weekend. His death has really affected several people that I know of...I didn't know him and I don't know them directly but anytime someone commits suicide it is a tragedy. I know what it is like to cling to that slippery slope all the while wondering if it is worth the effort to hang on or not. I have also lost some people I cared about very much to suicide, as well as, a client. Talk about something that will tear your guts out. I feel so sorry for this young man's mother. I can't imagine how she must be feeling right now. The pain has to be overwhelming. My heart goes out to her. What a horrid tragedy!

Zyoh, our daughter, has been a super angel this weekend. First, she had Steffie take her to the store yesterday. Zyoh doesn't drive and she wanted to be stocked up and prepared before Steffie's surgery. Well, Steffie picked up some things for us too.  As they were checking out, Zyoh was ahead of Steffie, who was on a riding scooter, and Steph handed her the debit card to pay with. Well, it seems that the little stinker paid for our groceries with her card. What a gift! That was $40 worth of groceries. In our world that is a LOT of money honey!!! So, she had already done her good deed for the week but also when she came to help with decluttering today she and Steffie were left without a "director" as I had a medication issue and just slept through the whole thing(long story about why my alarm clock wasn't set for my time to wake up). This did not slow down Zyoh. She took the bull by the horns, did a lot of decluttering (stuff she felt comfortable tossing out) and then did some cleaning that has only been done halfway since I hurt my back. She got a lot done in a short amount of time. I couldn't have gotten everything done that she did in about 2 hours in 2 or 3 days. I am so grateful. She is such a sweetie. I, of course, managed to wake up as they were leaving. Oh well, I got to be very, very, very pleasantly surprised. Oh, for those who don't know me...neither of them was willing to come in and wake me up because I am just a tad(just a tad mind you)bitchy when someone wakes me up. It is not one of the better parts of my personality. Ahem!

Some cyberfriends of my recently started a "Couch to 5K in 3 months" program and today the husband ran his first 5K. I am so happy for him. I really think he did is 5K in less than 3 months but it doesn't matter what matters is that he met his goal and ran the 5K. Good for him. I am so excited!

About 2 years ago, our son Tony did a program that had you running a "marathon" over the time from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. You ran a certain distance every day and by the 4th you had run 26.2 miles. When Tony finally finished on the 4th he was so very glad because of how hot it had been. He still runs all of the time but I don't think he has done that kind of dedicated running in the summertime again. I used to walk at night in the summertime but I sure can't imagine running during the summertime and yet, I know people who do so all of the time. In my neighborhood it is "Tres Chic" to run. I have never been called trendy.

Well, that is all I can think of tonight. I guess I will close.




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