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SeptWriSo...strange days indeed...

I have to say that my day has been well, pretty normal. I have cleaned up doggie doo, changed puppy pads, fed the little dog, cruised the web, played solitaire on line and napped. Oh yes, I washed dishes and fixed chicken ramen noodles for dinner. Woo hoo, that is excitement at its finest. Aren't you sorry you are not me? I knew you were, please, please, cut down on the clamoring I can't think. :-P

Some of my friends however have had interesting things happen today. One of them, Mercedes had an event that involved her six year old daughter first throwing her stuffed animal up on the roof. Then her daughter tried to get said stuffed animal off of the roof by throwing rocks at it. One of the rocks hit the patio door. Can you see where I am going from here? Broken glass city, that's right!


That girl must have quite the arm on her. She is just a tiny thing. Did I mention that she is only six years old? I think that some baseball teams need to start the scouting process now, don't you?

Here is her mama's blog post about the family's "glass issues" of late:  http://abrokenlaptop.com/2013/09/16/slow-death-by-glass/#comment-12341 All I can say is, "Bless their hearts!" I hope they can get the patio door replaced without too much difficulty. OUCH!

Speaking of OUCH...my good friend of about 16 years got a "Rose of Sharon" tattoo today. It isn't so much that she got a tattoo that I say, "OUCH," but rather that the tattoo is on the inside of her wrist. That is some tender flesh ya'll. Robin(the one with the new tattoo) is the friend that I have talked about who is working on a book about Woody Guthrie. Robin has done research on John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath and the Okie diaspora as part of her work on this book. I really should know more about the details but it is almost 3 am and my brain is numb. Anyway, in honor of her book Robin got the "Rose of Sharon" tattoo. Have I said, "OUCH!" Here, let me say it again, "OUCH!"


In closing, for some reason I have a relative who is being a pimple head toward me and I really don't know what that is all about.  I think that too many people I know have PMS and that includes the males. Sometimes I want to just say to people, "WTF? If you have a problem just spit it out. I am not like some people who can't deal with issues." I don't do it though. I just try to let them do what they will do. It certainly helps to write about it though. It lets the frustration out so I don't find myself opening a can of "Whoop-Ass" on anyone.

That is it for today...ramen noodles, dish washing, doggie doo and puppy pads. I know you are jealous. C'mon, admit it!



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