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Yesterday a friend of mine sent around a recipe for "blue velvet" cake on Facebook. Now you need to know that I don't "do" blue food. I did drink a blue soda once back in the 80s or so but that is it. I told her the cake did look good and I realized that it was the same thing as "red velvet" cake except it was blue. I told her that blue cake and blue frosting would never cross my lips. Well, tonight...less than 24 hours after I made that proclamation my SIL made a liar out of me. That's right...that sweet looking darling who loves my brother with a passion and who is a ray of sunshine in all of our lives MADE A LIAR OUT OF ME!!!! We had a family party to celebrate my nephew Houston's 22nd birthday and as I walked into the house what did I see but a birthday cake iced in BLUE...that's right BLUE ICING on the birthday cake that I KNEW that I would be eating before the evening was out.

The reason the frosting was blue is that Houston likes "Funfetti Cakes." Teresa found "fish" confetti to put on the top of the cake so she made the frosting look like the "deep blue sea." What a good step-mom she is!!!! She made his cake extra special with BLUE, BLUE, BLUE frosting.

Well, after we had the fish fry, which was awesome thanks to my brother's most excellent cooking skills and Houston opened his presents, it was time for birthday cake. Well, I don't get sweets very often so I sure as heck wasn't going to turn down a piece of birthday cake even if the frosting was blue! So, I ate blue frosting and got blue lips, teeth and we won't even discuss how BLUE my tongue was. The cake was delicious and there I sat after saying blue frosting would never cross my lips knowing that I had said, "Never" just a little too soon. Ahem!

I don't know that I will take the trouble to make a blue velvet cake but if someone made it I wouldn't turn it down because I have now crossed the line that I had drawn in the sand. I have eaten blue frosting and now I have to eat crow for saying that I would never do so. Oh, I can't believe that this happened. LOL!!! Although as I said, the cake was wonderful, but then the wonderful Teresa made it and I knew that it would be.

So on the first day of autumn I attended a fish fry, got to be with the family that I love dearly, sit in my brother and SIL's carport soaking up the crisp cool air that let me know that autumn has truly arrived and topped off the wonderful experience with "Funfetti Cake" that had blue icing on it. Life just doesn't get any better than this!




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