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What a day...

I did most of my writing early in the day. I have been doing housework and eBay work since then. Ok, I had a nap too. LOL!!! Total disclosure and transparency here on this blog!!!

Tomorrow we are going to Wal-mart (eek), a coffee shop(to soak up ambiance) and the grocery store (for vittles). It will be a busy day, not all of this depends on how Stephanie feels. She has had a sore throat the past few days. I hope it is MUCH better tomorrow. That would be nice.

I have written several thousand words on my newest novel, James, a coming of age memoir and the wrote a little writing exercise about my dog, Jezzi. I feel like it was a productive day even if I didn't write anything in the last several hours of the day. I love writing but sometimes I have to do other things too. Darn it all.

I am hoping that my trip to the coffee shop tomorrow will provide some fodder for new coffee essays that I have been writing. I want to go to a local shop but will settle for Starbucks if that is what I have to do. I can compromise. <WEG>

Oh yes, we have to go to the post office and the drug store tomorrow too. What a busy day is in store! Hopefully all the people watching will recharge my writing batteries. Sometimes I need a jump start and other times I am just fired up and ready to go. I think I have coffee deficit for the day maybe I need another cuppa joe. BTW, I can drink coffee at night and still go to sleep. Sometimes it acts like a sleeping pill for me. Go figure, it either cranks me up or winds me down and I never know which thing it will do. My body is very strange in the way it does stuff.

Well, I hope to get more written on James tomorrow. He is being a little cantankerous but no more so than Sassy Ann is being. That girl is a mess. Really, she is!




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