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I posted my journal's standing on Live Journal just to help me keep from getting a fat head. It isn't likely that Random House is perusing my blog for their next best seller although if anyone has the time to go through months and months of my blog to look for anything of interest all I can say is that they are welcome to it. I write only about the finest dog poop escapades at SageMoon Cottage.

Oh, my date may show up on my blog as October 3rd but I have not been to bed yet so as far as I am concerned this is STILL October 2nd and if you need more proof it officially is still October 2nd in Hawaii, for real! I was slow getting to the old blog tonight because I was doing a lot of reading on a group I am part of and there was a LOT of catching up to do. It seems that some people will take offense at the least little thing and then blow it up all out of proportion all over the group trying to drag everyone into their sordid affairs. It really was too much. There was a new woman in the group who was doing a lot of mouthing off and one of the other members went to go look at her public profile. In her profile she talked about getting ready for "Elvis Week" in Memphis and that she hadn't missed a single Elvis week in 17 years. Well, the other member commented on it in the conversation and she went crazy ballistic. How DARE he print her private personal information in a public setting! When the other member responded to her that he just mentioned Elvis because it was on her profile and we talk about Elvis a lot. At this point she gets even more over the top irate and huffed that she only went to Elvis week 14 years in a row not 17 years in a row to which the response was simply, "Well, you wrote that you had been there 17 years in a row."  The next morning she went and started ANOTHER thread accusing the other member of secretly gathering private information about other group members for nefarious purposes. She then yammered on and on about how terrible he was. I mean really, if you are going to put public information out on the internet the somebody could eventually going to read and comment on it. That is just the way of the world. If she doesn't want her information public then she needs to make sure she doesn't put it out in a public profile. After she made a total ass of herself she was banned from the group. Several members breathed a sigh of relief because she was really most unpleasant to deal with.

I think I have some inklings for NaNoWriMo beginning to form. That is a good thing. I really want to participate but the old brain is so foggy and numb. I will at least make the effort. I am enjoying playing around with different ideas.

Steffie went and got her hair cut today. It looks great. She was really antsy about getting it cut before her surgery so it will be easier to take care of. Her hair had gotten pretty long. She just looks too, too cute.

Well, besides Steffie's haircut, cooking dinner, washing dishes, killing my back and reading all of the high drama on the forum I haven't really done much today. I simply must get some groceries before Steph's surgery. It is always something isn't it.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!




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