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Hey, I have risen four spots in the standings...do you think that Random House HAS been here reading my blog? Oh rapture, oh joy...could a book deal about "Turd Snacker" be in the making.

"Turd Snacker" you ask...who could be "Turd Snacker? Did SageMoon Cottage acquire another dog? Um, no...the little dog, you know, Jezzi the ornery little Chihuahua...that would be "Turd Snacker." Oh GAK, she is in so much trouble now. One day last week, Steffie and I were sitting in the living room chatting when the little dog came flying from the kitchen through the living room. As she raced past Steffie, I heard Steph exclaim, "What do you have in your mouth?" and the little dog kept running. So Steph got up, went into the hall behind her and there in my doorway was a dog turd. Yes, that's right dog poop at the threshold of my bedroom that mere seconds before had been in the mouth of the little dog as she zoomed through the living room. OH YUCK!!!! Well, Steph got a paper towel to clean up that doggie doo and I took care of the rest in the kitchen. It was still warm, I know TMI but I want you to know that it hadn't been just laying around tempting the little poop head. She had fresh crunchies, a fresh tub of Cesar dog food, fresh water in her bowl and little dog decides that she wants to munch on a turd. UGH! Needless to say she did not get to sit in MY lap that evening. I have been calling her "Turd Snacker" a few times a day since then. I am really put out that she would do this. I know dogs eat shit among other things. I know they roll in gross stuff and I know they are butt sniffers but really...she lives in the house. You'd THINK she'd have better manners than to do something like try to go turd munching. :shudder:

Anyway, that is one of the latest escapades of the little dog. She also tears up my chair every night but really...that poor chair can't be hurt too much more than it already is(knock on wood). I have worn the whale tar out of that chair, more than a few cats have sharpened their claws on it and another dog did some chewing on the corner of one of the arms when she was a puppy. SageMoon Cottage is NOT a decorator showcase in the event you every wondered about how stylishly we live. So the chair that little dog rearranges every night fits right in with the rest of the decor. I keep waiting for the day that I win the lottery. I will get new furniture and enjoy the heck out of it. Until then I will just enjoy what I have and be grateful to have any furniture at all.

Well, only a few more days until Steffie has her surgery. I certainly hope that all goes well. We have total confidence in her doctor. He is awesome. I could not ask for a better doctor for Steffie if I tried. We will just be glad to get the surgery behind us and the healing started. It is going to be a long haul but then it has been a long haul already. It has been two years since the injury that led us on this path and if the injury had been handled appropriately in the first place we wouldn't be facing the problems and surgery we are looking at now. Oh well, no crying over spilled milk. Ever forward!

I can't think of much else to say tonight, alright, truth be told I have a lot to say but my hands and arms are really hurting so you get a break.



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