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I suspect that people must be deleting their blogs for my blog to keep moving up in popularity. I mean really...this is not the blog of the ages. It is the blog of dull, dull, dull. LOL!!!! I write it because I want to do so. I have no delusions of grandeur. I don't expect to be "discovered." My prose is clumsy and my grammar leaves a lot to be desired. I just write the words that are in my head. Sometimes I vent, sometimes I think too much and other times I just babble on like I have good sense. It is what it is! (Oops, I just lost two more readers for typing that sentence. LOL!!!)

As most of you know Steffie is having surgery on her toes on Tuesday. We are trying to get everything together so that this will be a smooth process. I have to laugh at that last sentence...this situation has been anything but smooth. Last night in the middle of the night I realized that the Durable Medical Equipment people from the clinic had not called about Stephanie picking up her crutches. (We have had a few other things to think about so it slipped our minds.) So I had Steph call today. The clinic was like, well the paperwork is done you can just go pick them up. It REALLY was a good thing that I was NOT the person on the phone when that information was given. If we had been TOLD that we could just go pick them up Steph would have had about three weeks to practice with the crutches. As it is she will have just a few days. I am most unhappy about this situation and do not appreciate being led down the primrose path. We could have picked the crutches up when we were out doing other things. Oh, don't get me started. I am pissed off about the whole situation.

After going to the doctor's office, which is where the DME office is located, we went to the grocery store. I am running out of days to get things taken care of before I find myself depending on someone else to help me get errands run due to Steph not being able to drive. The fact that my energy was wiped out by the trip to the DME office did not mean that I could avoid the trip to the grocery store so off we went. I am going to bitch, moan and whine for a while. If you want to skip the rest of the blog post I don't blame you in the least. I will see you another time.

The pain I am in is about to totally undo me. I guess since we were going to the grocery store I should have taken a pain pill. I did take a muscle relaxer on top of my usual medications - acetaminophen, gabapentin and my heart medication. I thought that it would make things easier at the store and keep my bag from going into spasms. I thought wrong. I can only make it about halfway through the store. There were things I needed but I couldn't get to them. Stephanie does get what she can...she is able to use one of the riding carts...and that helps a lot but I have to look at the groceries, calculate prices and try to figure out if we can manage to get things I want to get. I don't know what I am going to do. Things are getting more difficult.

Then there are the problems with the store where we shop. Let me first tell those of you who do not live in Little Rock that there is almost ZERO competition in the grocery store market. Kroger has supposedly started lowering prices. Well, they have good sales but their everyday prices just keep going up. Then they don't have sufficient stock on some things. Walmart has some better prices but their store is even bigger than Kroger and trying to get through it is even more impossible. I make it about 2, sometimes 3 aisles and I can't deal with the pain any longer. We have another store that is easier to get through but their prices are a lot higher than at Kroger and Walmart except for a few things in produce and in the meat section. Their meat prices beat the heck out of Krogers.

As we were checking out I asked the bagger to pack the bags light. His version of light and mine are very different. There were also issues with the perishables. I was just glad we didn't have eggs to deal with. I am going to have to call and talk to a supervisor. This is an ongoing problem with the baggers.

So, the stores are almost impossible to get through. I really cannot make it through the store in one trip due to the pain and then the prices are squeezing us a lot. It is very, very difficult. Okay, enough whining, bitching and moaning.

After going to Kroger we went to DollarTree to see if they had bagels for Steffie. I was pleased to find that they now have a refrigerator and freezer section. I did not find bagels but I did find a few bread "things." I also find some frozen waffles and some veggie eggrolls to try. At a dollar a box it isn't a major investment if they aren't too tasty. I was also pleased to find 2% milk in the asceptic packaging. At $1 a quart it is cheaper than powdered milk and makes it easy to have milk handy when you need it. That was a good deal.

We then game home, brought in the perishables and as many other groceries as we could. We will bring in the rest tomorrow.

I have a very, very heavy heart but that is a blog post for another day. If any of you out there believe in prayer I could sure use some about now.



Oct. 6th, 2013 06:22 am (UTC)
Thinking of you
ArdeeAnn, I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you and your compassionate heart every day, and I miss your posts.


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