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Woo, touch me...I am getting HAWT! Do you want my autograph??? LOL!!! If this keeps up I am going to have a FAT head! No one will be able to live with me.

Well, today the Razorporkies got whooped up on by the Florida Gators. Those poor boys have had a rough few weeks. I don't know who they play next week but I sure hope that things get better for them. #NeverYield

Can you believe that Halloween is coming up soon? Facebook is decorated for Halloween and I have to admit to being guilty to posting a few things from "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." That is one of my favorite shows! I am a a great pumpkin believer!

Some interesting things lately. It is amazing how different people react to things. I wrote earlier about the kerfuffle about someone mentioning another person having been to Elvis week 17 years in a row. He was just quoting her own words from a public profile and she got her knickers in a twist. Now he did not say a word about WHO had been to Elvis week 17 years in a row he just seemed to think it was interesting and commented on it. If you haven't read the post already just go back a few posts in my blog, you will find the whole crazy story.

Well since that time I have been thinking about other recent incidents that have involved someone making public comments about another person that were handled in a civilized manner without any trauma and drama. One of my friends is on the Paleo Diet because she is allergic to many, many foods. She can't even eat everything on the Paleo Diet but it gives her a framework to start from in the menu building process. Well, a friend of hers stated in her own blog that the Paleo Diet was stupid and that anyone who followed the Paleo Diet was stupid also. Well, my friend was certainly taken aback but instead of making some big scene and calling her friend "out" on the friend's own blog, my friend wrote a post, stated why she follows the Paleo Diet, asked that she not be called stupid because of her dietary choices, posted a hot link to the blog of her friend's mentioned above and then talked about the differences in dietary choices and reasons for same.

Now the person who called the Paleo diet followers stupid did not single out my friend but since they had just been discussing the diet a few days before my friend knew that she was a specific target evn though she didn't know why. I loved that my friend did publicly ask to not be called "stupid" for her dietary choices while linking to the blog post for clarification of her request but she did not say anything negative about the other blogger, although she did note that the other blogger did say in her post that she hadn't read any books about the Paleo diet. The whole thing was handled without anyone getting in the face of the other and the difference of opinion was handled without anyone raising a ruckus.

In another situation another blogger of my acquaintance talked first about "needs and wants" and then identified wanting a private adoption as a want not a need. As a woman with fertility issues that could not be resolved who spent in the neighborhood of $35K for a private adoption she was speaking from personal experience. She knew that the private adoption of her son was a want and then made the investment in making her "want" become a reality.

This woman who I will call "Janie" is active in many circles involving adoptive couples and those trying to adopt. It seems that in these circles it is becoming "the thing" to create a "crowdsourcing" website/webpage to encourage other people to help fun the prospective adoptive parents' adoption. "Janie" takes exception to this practice as private adoption is not a need, like raising money to help pay for medical bills for someone who has cancer, but is being treated by the prospective adoptive parents as if it is a need rather than a want and often some pressure/coercive/guilt inducing tactics are being used by these parents.

"Janie" faced the situation head on and said that why she understood the want she did not want to pay for other people's adoptions and especially would not do so despite pressure from the potential parents of their friends to do so. Again, this is from someone who has walked that path. She knows the "sting" of infertility and the cost of paying for a private adoption.

Again, there was no ugliness tossed "Janie's" direction, there was no "hoo-ha" from the crowdsourcing parents. "Janie" did not provide any identifying information about the adoptive parents but I am sure that people in her circle know the potential parents and the potential parents know that "Janie" was talking about them.

I don't know why situations cannot be handled more often like the latter two rather than the first one described in this blog post. I don't know why people have to be so ready to take exception to anyone who disagrees with them. Bloggers write about what is on their minds. Even when my friend was essentially called stupid by someone she considered a friend, she just used the opportunity to explain why she is taking the path she has chosen. She did not make a "hub-bub" about the situation.

Food for thought!



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Oct. 7th, 2013 07:24 pm (UTC)
I want your autograph.

I have stamps. You want one? I don't have any envelopes, though, which makes the whole thing problematic. Hmmmmm.
Oct. 8th, 2013 02:14 am (UTC)
Mer, you are such a wonderful and fun friend. I love you girlfriend.


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