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There really has to be something wrong with the Live Journal odometer or other people are not blogging. Another theory I have posted before is that some people must be deleting their blogs. I am sure that I don't invite that much interest in what I have to say. Now I did write a some controversial posts a few months back maybe people who have shunned me are reading my blog to see if I am  espousing such opinions again. Well, I am I just keep seeing and reading things that shock and appall me so I write about them. I also write about happy stuff and doggie poo too. So if there are people who are actually reading my blog...HELLO OUT THERE!!!! I wish I had a little waving emoticon but Live Journal is not that advanced so just imagine me smiling and waving at you. I am a very inviting soul. I am also a hugger so imagine your self being hugged too. It is a warm fuzzy feeling.

I have found that there are those who think that if you verbalize a negative thought about them that you aren't really their friend, that you don't really care about them and that you are just a backstabber who deserves to be ignored. If that isn't a load of happy horseshit I don't know what is. My sister is one of the people who irritates me the most. I have told her off, in no uncertain terms, I have written blog posts about how unhappy I am with her but I love her with all of my heart and if ANYONE makes the mistake of fuc*ing with her I will make them wish that they had NEVER messed with her. I would lay down my life for her in a New York minute but that doesn't mean I don't have the right to blog about her being a jacka**. If anyone, including her, thinks is does they can bite me.

I am the same way with cyberfriends. There are people that I don't even particularly like that I don't want to see have anyone messing with them. It makes me angry and if I could I would be right there helping them to kick fanny. I can be supportive from here till the cows come in but that doesn't mean that I don't have the right to say what I think of them on my blog.

One last example and then I will change the subject, there is a political person that I cannot stand. I hope he is defeated in 2014...it isn't likely but I can still hope. If I saw someone pull a gun on him and I could step between him and the bullet I would. That is just how I am. I have lots of negative opinions about this person. I think he is a disgrace to humanity. I have said that many times and yet I would take a bullet for him because I believe in doing what you can for a person in need no matter what your personal feelings may be. This does not make me a bad person or a backstabber. It makes me a human being with likes and dislikes. I also have the right to say what I think about ANYONE in my blog as long as I don't identify them by name or location. If anyone has an issue with that they need to take it up with the First Amendment of the Constitution. My opinions have cost me dearly but I stand by them and would still stand up for those who have crapped on me along the way. You see they are entitled to have opinions about me too. That is the way of the world.

Well enough of that for now. I know I have written a lot on this issue but I am still in a lot of pain about how I have been treated for daring to have an opinion. It is just one of those things. I will get over it but when I say it hurts I don't just mean maybe baby.

Tomorrow is Stephanie's surgery. We are hopeful that this is helpful to her regarding mobility issues. It has been two years now since her original injury and things have been very difficult. She will have a long recovery but we are still very, very hopeful about the outcome.

Today because I was VERY immobile due to back issues Stephanie was the one to clean up after the little dog who had gone on a pooping spree overnight. Well, just like she does with me within 5 minutes or less little dog went right back into the kitchen and crapped. Now she had time to crap before the clean up occurred but oh no, she had to wait until everything was clean to poop again. I swear she is the kind of dog who if she was put outside to poop would poop on the porch or sidewalk instead of in the grass. I had a dog that did that once. It was most annoying. I spent a LOT of time cleaning up dog poop when she had been outdoors and since she was a Cocker Spaniel her poo was a lot bigger and messier than Jezzi's poo is so I guess I am lucky to just be cleaning up Chihuahua poo these days.

I have been thinking of lots of things tonight. For example when was in the sixth or seventh grade I learned about Eva Peron. I don't know how she came to my consciousness but she did. During a trip to the library I looked up books about Eva Peron and found several. I narrowed it down to 2 books that I wanted to choose from one was a biography and the other was an autobiography. I asked my mom's opinion about which of the two books I should check out. Mom decided that this was a time for a teaching moment. Her response was which of the two books did I think would be the most objective of the two books and she suggested that I check that one out. I KNOW that I rolled my eyes about this. I didn't want to decide which one would be the most objective of the two books. I just wanted her opinion. I knew that the biography was likely to be the more objective of the two books so I checked it out. Oh my goodness was it a boring, boring, boring book. This author obviously had an axe to grind with the Peron's and did not hide her agenda at all. I later learned that this author had long been a critic of the Peron's and her book had been denounced as propaganda. Maybe the autobiography would have been more objective after all. LOL!!!! I never again asked my mother's opinion about checking out a book.

I do appreciate teaching moments as a parent but as a kid I thought they sucked. My mom had read some kind of book or article related to child rearing and tried using the "tricks, techniques and advice" that this book or article offered. Not ONE of the three of us responded to this very well at all. Mom was very obvious about when she was trying to use some of the suggested ways of interacting with your children. It didn't take her long to give up on that stuff. We weren't bad kids. We were just kids. We argued, didn't always do our homework, didn't always do what we were supposed to do around the house and etc. We didn't need some kind of crazy pop psychology tossed at us. We just needed to be grounded, reprimanded or sent to our room. Really, those are still the best ways to deal with kids. Oh, and going back to teaching moments it also helps if they are subtle if possible because otherwise you kid is likely to be a little piss ant about the whole situation. I am sure that there are child therapists who would have a conniption if they read what I just said but I have dealt with thousands of kids. Being direct and not playing games works best especially with problem children. Teaching moments tend to feel like the adult is being condescending if it isn't handled correctly and that is NOT the message you want to send to kids who have "issues." They just want to be treated with respect and get positive input from the adults around them. Well, they want to get their way most of the time too or at least they THINK they do but "that dog don't hunt." Kids need limits and boundaries. This can be hard with any child but it is important. I didn't establish enough boundaries with my son when he was growing up. That was a mistake. He had lots of "teaching moments" and unconditional positive regard but needed more limits and boundaries. It is probably a good thing I only had one child. That way I only screwed up once as a parent, if you know what I mean.

Well, I need to get some sleep. I have to get up in about 3 1/2 hours for what will be a long, long day. If you have any prayers or positive energy to send it would be appreciated.



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