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Wow, can you believe that. I keep moving up in the polls. Rock on!!! Woo hoo!!!(Picture a younger me doing cartwheels! LOL!!!) I am sure that RachelintheOC Thompson would say it is because of my social media presence. (No she wouldn't, she would roll her eyes at my blog and be embarrassed that I even mentioned her name. LOL!!!) It is just all of my groovy networking skills and something askew with Live Journal's bean counters that has my numbers moving up. Soon enough I will find my little blog dashed against the seawalls and swallowed up into the oblivion of the sea of cyberocean or some such thing.

Miss Teffiers is doing so great recovering from her surgery. I am amazed. Now, that actual healing will obviously take some time but the pain is nothing like we were prepared for. Yes, there is pain and yes, there are certainly mobility issues but she is doing awesome. She has complained about feeling so tired all of the time and doing so much sleeping but I keep telling her that is her body's way of helping her to heal. It wants to shut down and rest so that the healing resources are "activated." Anyway, I am one HAPPY camper. I have been so very worried as the time for surgery approached. I guess I worried for nothing. I think all of the praying has paid off.

Let's have three cheers for the little dog. She has been pretty well behaved today AND pooped on her pad!!! What a good girl!!! LOL!!!

I want my readers to know that I try to be positive and upbeat but I am having a really rocky time right now. I know I get cranky and talk about the pain issues a lot but they are overwhelming my life. Please bear with me. I will be back to my normal eclectic weird self who writes about craziness and zany fun. I hate feeling like I am being negative. I used to be such a beacon of light much of the time. Now I feel like a coal bin. I don't like it but I know I will be able to pray my way out of this darkness.



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