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The craziness ensues. My blog is becoming more popular, yeah right, and I have the body of Angelina Jolie. I'd take the body of Angelina over having a blog that is becoming more popular. This is too funny.

My day started off weird. Last night the lawn dude called and said that his crew would be here this afternoon. Well, they were here at eight fricken' o'clock this morning. WTH!!!! That is NOT in the afternoon. So here I am with almost no sleep having to listen to the sound of the lawn equipment. I HATE the sound of lawn equipment. I think that it should all have mandatory mufflers on it. I was in pain(meds had worn off in my few hours of sleep) and that makes me crankier than usual. Then I have the joy of weed eaters, leaf blowers and lawn mowers trying to drive me over the edge. I was glad when they were finished and moved on down the road. I hate the fact that the new lawn dude is getting on my last nerve already. Usually lawn dudes last longer than this before I start getting annoyed with them. This is not a good sign. This guy is relatively inexpensive and it is hard as heck to find a dependable yard dude. Oh, let me clarify that the annoyance is not about the noise of the equipment...that is just part and parcel of the territory. I have issues with attitudes. I don't do "attitudes" well at all.

See, I think I am a failure at being just a happy little somebody because I am already fussing about the lawn dude. Maybe I can't force cheerfulness but dang it I used to be a regular Pollyanna. In fact, I was such a Pollyanna that it annoyed the living f*ck out of my co-workers. Where did Pollyanna go? I need to get my "glad girl" back in gear.

My friend, author Alex Westhaven, http://alexwesthaven.com is having a "Month O' Screams" event going on at her blog. Now Alex writes horror stories. She started off with suspense and then quickly moved into the horror genre. Alex has a pretty TENSE piece of flash fiction on her website today. I suggest checking it out. It gave me goosebumps and I was wishing that I hadn't read it so close to bedtime. Alex is very fond of Halloween and this was her way to celebrate the holiday all month long. I hope you will read her story and the excerpts from some of the other authors who are participating in the "Month O'Screams."

You know I am SURE Alex will appreciate being mentioned in the same blog post that I am b*tching about the lawn dude in. Oh well, she is a good friend so maybe it won't be so bad.

I hope you have a great Saturday!



Oct. 15th, 2013 06:00 am (UTC)
Thanks! :-)
Lawn horrors, mental horrors...it's all the same, right? I don't mind one bit, Ardee-ann, and I appreciate the shout-out. You're the bomb! And a downright happy one, considering all you have to deal with.

Hang tough!

Alex ;-)


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