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It is quite a feat to go up in the polls when one's modem has been dead and one has been off line. I think that Live Journal is just trying to make me feel good. LOL!!! Otherwise, if you ARE coming to read this scintillating blog then let me wave at you big time. Howdy, welcome, pull up a piece of floor and cop a squat. I'll make some iced tea and we will chat. So much has happened while I have been gone I don't know where to start. I assure you that I won't get all of the stories told because I haven't even gotten the sewer story from July written up or the police story from September, maybe August. That means there is always something to chatter about day in and day out. I never run out of something to talk about.

Earlier this evening I was thinking about when I was married to my first husband. He and I both loved to cook. He was a line cook at some of the nicer restaurants in Little Rock back in the day. He worked the dinner shift and often did not get home until 11 or a little after. It was not unusual for us to eat dinner then or if I hadn't cooked dinner(he ate at work too), sometimes he was in the mood to cook something up so he'd cook, we'd talk and good eating would commence.

Now neither one of us cooked what we considered "fancy" foods and they certainly weren't gourmet meals but because we'd use lamb and veal on occasion, add mushrooms to almost everything and have cheeses besides cheddar and American there were some that we knew who thought we ate horribly expensive, outlandishly fancy meals. Um, I have always stayed the queen of the "open a can of soup" club and almost any meat we ate came from the markdown bin at Safeway. I could get a pound of ground lamb for .39. Let me tell you that was good cheap eating.

I sometimes wish that my first husband and I had been as compatible in other parts of our marriage as we were in the kitchen and in bed. It isn't that I want to be with him again or anything but I do think it would have been much better for our son if we had been able to make our marriage work. Since I have been divorced for 34 years and my son is almost 36 I guess it isn't anything I need to dwell on but I will tell you that he and I could sure "whoop up" some groceries and make tasty meals back in the day. We had lots of fun in the kitchen and I don't mean that it was just cooking either. LOL!!! We were passionate all over the house.

Well, let's go back to this week. Steff has been doing pretty well recovering from her surgery. I am quite frankly amazed. Due to issues this week she has "overdone" quite a bit so she is stiff and sore. I am hoping that she will be able to "simmer down now, simmer down" and take care of herself a little better but sometimes life at SageMoon Cottage can be quite the challenge.

I know I haven't been here in several days but I am one tired puppy so I am going to amble on down the road. See you later!



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Oct. 18th, 2013 09:05 pm (UTC)
Ardee, I'm glad you got back online as quickly as you did! I was worried that it would take much longer.

I enjoyed reading about your and your ex cooking together. The FH and I did a lot of that, too. In fact, he cooked for me as a way of courting me. He was that good! He also did dishes, even when he hadn't done the eating or the cooking. I'd come home from work and find he'd already done them. Now that was heartwarming!

We eventually went from his Betty Crocker cookbooks to my James Beard, Hunan, and NYT Cookbooks all the way to Bon Appetit magazine. I thought it was fun, but eventually complained that I didn't have to cook anything fancy when we had people over. (The people we had over the most also cooked fancy meals.) He mentioned spaghetti. But he didn't like my spaghetti, so I didn't think it was a credible suggestion. Now that I think of it, he meant his spaghetti, which had no vegetables. It was just a marinara sauce.

Somehow I can't imagine Steffie will want to simmer down after she gets over being sore. She's been laid up for a while! I hope she takes your advice, though. :)
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