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Well, it was bound to happen. I only went up two points today. I expect to start losing ground at any time now. My blog is so BORING and other people are getting back to their blogs and actually writing while I just piddle around not doing much of anything here on my blog but that's okay because I am happy just babbling along about any little thing that comes to my mind. I am not what you would call a serious or dedicated blogger. Now my friend Jamie DeBree is, that woman can blog. She keeps up with several blogs and makes my head spin like a top. She gets so very  many things done and she is always writing at least two stories at a time sometimes more. That includes spending time editing, formatting books for publishing, creating covers for her books, taking care of two dogs and a husband, as well as working full time. She also has some of the best looking fingernails in Billings, Montana. Not only that but she can tell you about all kinds of tea. The woman is a marvel. I know about Lipton's Tea. It makes great iced tea. Okay, now you know what I know about tea. I bet you are impressed too, aren't you? I knew you were.

Well, the most exciting thing that I can report on today is that I have a rather serious case of ear worms. I keep hearing, "Skip to Ma' Lou" racing through my head. Now, there are worse songs to have coursing through your head all day but this has made me hungry for some Shoofly Pie and most everybody knows that I do not bake and I sure as heck don't bake pies so I am out of luck on that one little missy but I can almost taste the sweetness of a Shoofly Pie every time the song races through my consciousness. Sigh!

The second most exciting thing for the day was that I burned part of supper for the SECOND time this week. I am embarrassed about this. I haven't burned anything in ages. In fact, except for occasionally scorching rice the only thing I really have ever "burned" was cookies which is part of the reason I don't bake. Well, that and the fact that you have to follow a recipe. I use recipes for inspiration I don't actually follow them despite the fact that I love, love, love to read them. Anyway, I burned vegetables twice this week. Hmm, that reminds me that I burned some carrots a few months ago and burned the tar out of some pizza rolls in the microwave about a month ago. What in the world is going on with me? I do not know. I guess I need to start paying more attention to what I am doing in the kitchen.

The little dog has been pretty well behaved today except for a few barking sprees. Maybe she knows that I have been writing about her in my blog and has decided to behave a little better. Or maybe she has spent so much time napping that she hasn't had time to get into trouble. LOL!!!

Well, not much else to allow so I will sign off for the night!



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