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Before I start with the real blog story I will say that I am Live Journal 27,737 today. That is quite a jump. I think the bean counters aren't getting something right!

Okay, now to the heart of today's blog. It is about, that's right, you guess it...the little dog. Between 4 am and 10 am this morning the little dog took four humongous poops. As soon as they were cleaned up, she did what...that's right boys and girls she crapped again. Then within 30 minutes or so of that doggie doo being cleaned up here came Miss Shits-A-Lot who again defiled the kitchen floor. Heaven forbid she use her pad to poop on.  I felt like I was constantly cleaning up doogie doo this morning which led me to say to Miss Teffers, "Thank goodness she didn't drink grape juice." What does grape juice have to do with this you might ask...well, I drank two glasses of grape juice yesterday and let's just say that I haven't had to worry about constipation one iota. That grape juice did a better job than Carter's Little Pills ever thought about doing. If you need a good flush remember, you heard it here first!

Besides cleaning up after Jezzi Lou Who, I fed the cats and got lots of petting in. This is a big deal because the cats are rather wild and do not want to be touched or handled by human beings BUT if you can get some petting and butt scratching in when they first start to eat they won't object TOO much. Tux has quite the elevator butt which is something I love to see cats do when they are scratched. I am easy to amuse.

I also did some dishes. I got the pot I burned the veggies in scrubbed out, I had boiled water with baking soda in it last night and let it sit over night so it wasn't too hard to get it clean. Thank goodness.

Miss Teffers and I had coffee Dark Mayan Chocolate Interenational Coffee. It is a flavor that Maxwell House is not longer making. They have cut a lot of the flavors that General Foods had. The also changed the recipe on the Viennese coffee as well as the name. It is nasty now. Yuck! The Mayan Chocolate is a latte that foams so I don't think I will be able to find a copycat recipe for it. Anyway, we enjoyed coffee time. It was warming and peaceful. However, now that I think about it this is one of the times that some unnamed little dog took a poop. What a girl!

Later on after some internet time I cooked dinner, then did more dishes and am now writing my blog about my favorite subject, dog poop. I know my audience looks forward to my tales of doggie derring-doo-doo!

I think I have finally decided on my NaNoWriMo story. It will be a juicy tale of false promises and broken dreams. I have all of the pieces I just need to put the jigsaw puzzle together. It is interesting how you think people are something they are not and what happens when they show their true colors. Well, that is what this story is about, people being confronted about their selfish actions and their denial of same right in the face of their own actions and words. It should rattle a few trees.

I hope you have a good evening.



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Oct. 22nd, 2013 01:17 am (UTC)
Does Miss Jezebel have a digestive disorder? She really shouldn't be using the facilities that much. :/

I was never really quite sure how I felt about elevator butt in kitties. Zippy used to get so excited she'd start drooling all over me. It was kind of like being confronted with cat sex, except not as noisy. Or as painful for the female of the species. You know hormones must be powerful of the girls went back for that. O_O

Are you writing about my life, Ardee? Really, it sounds so similar to your story!
Oct. 22nd, 2013 02:06 am (UTC)
Mer, Jezzi Lou Who goes through stages. Sometimes she only manages one or two hard little poopy turds a day and then other times she is very busy. The doctor says she is very healthy. So I guess she just does things as she will and then I get to clean them up!

Our Sparky used to be a drooler too. I didn't like that as animal drool is "GAKKY" IMHO...so is human drool. YUCK! However elevator butt is just cute to me. We have had lots of elevator butt cats.

Mer, I PROMISE that you are not the subject of my story. I will send you a private email about that. My idea for the novel is much more dicey and sordid that your life is...don't you feel better now. XOXOXO

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