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I think I have risen in the Live Journal polls although I have posted in the past few days. Life has been kicking me in the butt and on that note I have a few things to say that may make some people pissy because they may read more into what I have written than is intended. Please always remember that it is not always about YOU. YOU are NOT the center of the universe. I know hundreds of people online and in real life. I have lots of fodder for my blog posts.

I have had a difficult week. It is likely to get more difficult still over the next several days and yet I consider myself to be lucky, very lucky in fact. I have friends who really do care about me. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a bed to sleep in and a little dog who amuses me to no end. I have a loving partner, great parents, interesting siblings, three adorable living grandchildren and one angel grandchild who helps keep me grounded in faith and hope. I really do have a wonderful life. Oh, I need to add that I have indoor plumbing and access to reasonably safe water. All in all life is good.

Most of the people I know have many of these same things...they have an income, a roof over their heads or a way to access one, food to eat, places to sleep, family who care about them and, of course, the benefit of indoor plumbing but I don't know what their municipal water supply may be like. Not all tap water is equal. Some people are estranged from their families and some really don't have any family at all. That to me is sad. I know people who don't really have family but they have created their own families around them from friends, co-workers and neighbors but some have difficulty in doing so.

Of all the people I know there is only one person who really, really has reason to feel lost in despair(this is different than depression but I will discuss that another time). This person is almost totally estranged from their family because the family has serious issues that make maintaining interpersonal relationships difficult. This person has had friends and people they cared about die recently. One death was an over suicide and two others were slow suicides because the people had bee told the consequences of continued alcohol consumption and yet they continued to drink and now they are dead. Only one of her friends has died a death of natural causes. This person lives in a chaotic household, the living situation is tenuous at best, this person is very disabled and unable to work and yet SSI is dragging their feet as usual when income is desperately needed. Trying to navigate the SNAP system has been difficult and accessing needed medical care as well as medications is even more difficult. Transportation involves bus service that is really not affordable to this person, a bicycle but with the aforementioned disabilities that requires enormous effort and the occasional ride from an acquaintance who is quite cranky and rude at times. At any time this person could be homeless and living on the streets. I worry about this person every day and often think...this is someone who has a reason to "hoon." Life has delivered one kick in the teeth after another. This friend would love to have some of the relatively petty problems that other friends and acquaintances complain about. I am sure that this person would likely be glad to step into my shoes and trade lives. Oh, they might bitch about some things but they'd feel lucky to have some of the luxuries that I have. For example, the a/c in my van doesn't work and only one window rolls down but hey, it is transportation and gets decent gas mileage.

So, I think we all need to look at our lives and find things to be grateful for. There is always someone who is living a life that doesn't even meet the first rung of Maslow's hierarchy. It may be someone we know. If we practice an attitude of gratitude and try to be of help to those in need then we are truly living our lives to our true potential because really is isn't all about US...it is about the rest of the world and being of help to them.



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