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I really didn't know there were that many positions but I guess someone has been counting. Who know besides the counting person that is?

Well, I have(surprise, surprise)another little dog story to tell. I took a nap this afternoon and when I woke up the little dog was at the side of my bed beside herself with excitement. I figured that she was hungry but when I first wake-up I have to go to the loo. As I was tinkling the little dog was bouncing around at the doorway all "het up" with excitement and just waiting for me to get finished so we could get around to other business.

When I finished she started "herding me"(she is the only herding Chihuahua I have ever met) toward the kitchen. I kept telling her that I knew she was hungry but that I don't like being herded(for some reason it gets on my nerves, although when my part border collie and German Shepard "herded" me I didn't mind, go figure).

Well, as I rounded the corner to the kitchen so I could feed the poor, starving little waif I saw the reason for all of the excitement and anticipation. Yes, you guessed it. There was a big pile of doggie doo just waiting to be cleaned up. I gave her "the stink eye." Then cleaned it up as she "supervised" and demonstrated just how proud she was of her, ahem, output. That little dog is a real pistol. Of course, as soon as the doggie poo was cleaned up, bagged and trashed little dog started clanging her bowl for food. I am a servant to a rotten little dog, my life is complete! LOL!!!

I haven't accomplished much today except the previously mentioned nap and my eyes are too tired to do the reading I had planned to do. I will go to bed soon and hopefully be bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning.



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