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NaBloWriMo ~ OctWriSo ~ today I am Live Journal 27,415...

I will soon be a regular rock star on Live Journal. Woo hoo, touch me!

I almost forgot to write my entry for today. It is really Tuesday(except to the west of me) so some things will morph back and forth between Monday and Tuesday.

10/29/2012 ~ Superstorm Sandy decimated much of New York and the Jersey shore. It was a horrible storm that devastated whole towns. I was reading some articles about Sandy and some people decided that it was their place to tell people from New York and New Jersey that they hadn't suffered through anything to speak of...that Katrina was far worse. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Good grief, losing everything has the same effect on a family whether one storm was technically worse than the other. Then they got into the fact that fewer people died during Sandy than during Katrina, death is one too many. If it was your family member who died then that is a hole left forever in your heart. I don't know why some people think that they have to compare such tragedies. There is no comparison. There is loss, overwhelming loss, some people have the resources to rebuild and some don't but even those who rebuild lose pieces of their past that can never again be retrieved.

Also on this date a friend of mine lost her husband. I think that he passed away in 2010. He died suddenly, without warning. I don't know which is worse a lingering death or a sudden departure. I just know that her heart still grieves over the loss of the man she loved so very much. This woman has suffered so much loss in her life and has faced many tragedies. Having him by her side was a comfort. It breaks my heart that she lost the one she loved so very much. She has surely been tested.

I talked to my son tonight. He was carving jack-o-lanterns with his children. There is one for each of the girls. They never ever forget Ashley. In the photo hers is the one with the yellow ribbon that represents childhood cancer. He is a good daddy. I am surprised that they only have 3 jack-o-lanterns. One year they had 10 or so. Maybe daddy was tired this year.

We lost our little Ashley in 2009. Many families don't mention or talk about children who have died but Sean and Patricia continue to celebrate Ashley's life and teach their other children to remember her with love as part of the family. I think that shows gumption.

Here is the photo of this years "punkins:"


I think that left to right the lighted jack-o-lanterns belong to Kimbo, Ashley and Jessica. I don't know who the little pumpkin belongs to, maybe it is just for decoration.

Well, the carving of the pumpkins is my big news for the night. I could discuss doggie doo but I will spare you tonight. Your welcome! LOL!!!


Tags: ashley, halloween, jessica, kimbo, loss, love in action, nablowrimo, pain, superstorm sandy, writing
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