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I am not climbing in the polls quite like I was. Could I be losing momentum? Is it all over for Delightfully Loquacious? Who knows?  We will see what tomorrow brings. LOL!!!

Today I spent time thinking about how NaBloWriMo is getting ready to officially end and that NaNoWriMo will begin on November 1st. Writing 50K in a month is going to be an awesome task but I know people who can write more than that in a week. I am not that focused nor am I that driven. I love to write and I love the challenge of NaNoWriMo but I tend to do things in my own way and my own time but I am jumping in. We will see what happens.

I think I am going to continue with NaBlowWriMo in my subject line like I did year before last. Anything that encourages me to keep writing and to make the effort to write every day is a good thing, so I am going to stay on the NaBloWriMo train.

My daddy went to the grocery store today and while he was there he got me some chicken thighs and olive oil. Two things of interest...they didn't have any of the chicken thighs that were on sale available so he went back and talked to the meat guys and they fixed a package up for him in a jiffy. That was really nice. At my Kroger's they act like they are doing you a great big favor when then slice a ham for you which is part of their job. So I am surprised that the guys at his store packed up some of the sale chicken thighs for him. We had chicken and noodles for dinner tonight and it sure was good.

Regarding the olive oil mom just told daddy to get me a medium sized bottle of olive oil. She was with me last week when I bought groceries and I didn't see any that I thought I could afford so she put daddy on the case. Well, he bought the EXACT olive oil that I buy. That's pretty spiffy isn't it. He and I have never discussed olive oil I assure you and he picked out my regular olive oil. It is very exciting to have olive oil back in the house again. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Well, now that I have enthralled you with tales of chicken thighs and olive oil. I guess I will sign off but I will add that I have some awesome parents. They are so good to me that I am constantly amazed. I try to just enjoy the present but at their age I could lose one or both of them at any time. The thought leaves a huge empty space in my heart. I try not to think or dwell on it but well, it is always there in the background looking through the window at me. I love them so much. I really will say "Goodbye" now and let you get on with your lives.



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Oct. 30th, 2013 11:30 pm (UTC)
I don't know if LJ is aware that I visit your page thingy. After all, I have you on my friends' page so I don't have to dial direct. So maybe you're higher in the charts than you think you are. Or lower. Or something. That might not have come out right. You know what I mean, though, right?

I am in awe of anyone who even considers NanoWriMo.

::bows in your general direction::

If you need subject matter, borrow my life. Just change the names to protect the guilty and the innocent. We all need protecting.

Your dad's grocery store is like the Nugget. They've given me stuff for free before (real caviar!!) and they've given me sale prices on chicken when I didn't have room in my backpack the week before. That last bit was after Daughter moved out of the house, so it wasn't as if someone was crushing on her, which is what I thought about the caviar. Anyhow, they're really nice there.

You do have awesome parents! :) I understand the thought you don't dwell on, as it's in the background for me, too. I used to worry a lot about my mom, but despite her fragility she's surprised everybody. My dad is going strong. He was washing the car today.

Oct. 30th, 2013 11:54 pm (UTC)
Mer, I think your life could make a trilogy and that's just in the past ten years or so. I think you an amazing at you ability to survive all of this craziness.

It sounds like they were great to you at the Nugget. How wonderful!

My parents are really wonderful. I am so lucky. They are also in pretty good health.

Sounds like you dad stays pretty active. That is great my parents do the same. In fact, they run circles around me.



PS ~ thanks for reading my blog!
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