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I don't know how my number keeps rising but it does. I guess I should just let it rise like dough!

The dog that I posted a photo of yesterday reminds me so very much of a little chow mix we had when Sean was little. Her name was Cindy. We got Cindy at the Humane Society after our baby cocker spaniel mix died suddenly. Sean was heartbroken and was really looking for another Mindy(the cocker mix) but when he laid eyes on Cindy he decided he had to have her. Now this was back in the days before animals were vetted, treated for fleas and etc. before being adopted out. Cindy was about six weeks old and flea infested. We took her the next day to the vet and found out that she not only had fleas and worms but she also had a staph infection from where she had been scratching the fleas. I don't know how much money we spent on her treatment but it was several hundred because her staph infection required at least 2 rounds of antibiotics and there were the worming costs as well as all of her shots. Despite the expense we were, of course, very fond of her, however she got out of the yard and disappeared after a short period of time. So Sean had two heartbreaking experiences with dogs back to back. It was very hard on him. I guess he was about 10 or so at the time.

I am very glad that dogs are vetted, treated, spayed and/or neutered before our humane society lets them be adopted out these days. Just a few years before Mindy and Cindy we had a puppy that we got at the local pound on a Thursday evening and by Monday evening is was dead from parvo. It happened on a weekend that I couldn't get off work to take it to the vet but as fast as it died I don't know if it could have been saved anyway. It was just a little black pup but even in that short of a period of time Sean had fallen in love with it. You know how kids are...their hearts are so very big and they love animals do deeply. That was hard on him too.

Sometimes kids just want a little dog to love. I don't know how many dogs we went through because they were stolen, climbed the fence, dug out from under the fence while we were at work and school or someone just let them out of the yard. Sean was a dog loving boy. He still is and I doubt that will ever change.

Dogs, cats, fish, birds, hamsters, snakes, frogs, toads, ant farms and even a tarantula...when Sean was a child I think we had them all. I miss most of them too.



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