Early this morning, there was a truck in our driveway. It turns out this leak of water in front of house out in ditch is not our line, but city's line that has been leaking for five years so now they are finally  going to fix.  Well, while digging for it, they hit gas line which was mismarked by the marking folks, so then we were out of water and gas.

Now have we water again, but still no gas, however they are working on it. 

Also I sold something I don't have...................life can be very entertaining ..................... but all in one day?  OH well, maybe we are getting over it all at once, and don't have to worry about the three in a row stuff, spread out over more time!!!!!!!!!!

That is all I know, except I know that I love you.


Well Mom, you don't have to be a blogger since I am and I blogged your adventures for you. I hope you have gas by now because it is going to be chilly willy tonight. If you still are without gas maybe you and daddy can snuggle up under extra blankets to stay warm.

I know that you, my dear readers, are glad that my mom had some adventures for me to share with you so that you don't have to read about doggie poo tonight. You are welcome and I will tell mom about your most sincere, "Thank you" messages!

Tomorrow I will tell you about the little girl, who is maybe 16 who has decided that she knows a lot more about writing than I do and that my method of writing is crap. I think she needs a Dale Carnagie course, how about you?