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Yesterday I mentioned someone who called my writing method crap. Now they didn't call my writing crap which it may well be but it was my style of writing they took exception to. Now this person is young, maybe a teenager or in their early 20s. The link to their blog in every email and while I may talk about doggie doo at least I write more than two sentences per entry(she has seven entries) and they say things like, "I participated in a writing webinar." or "I bought new writing software today." That is the sum total of the things that she writes in her blog. You may prefer that to doggie poo but it gives you an example of what she has done with her blog.

I had written a post on a writing list that I have some characters that are "acting out." She asked what that meant and I told her that my novels(such as they are) tend to be character driven and that my characters were not cooperating with me at all. This young woman then asked me "Don't you have an outline." I told her that I did not, that I was a pantser(meaning that when I write I fly by the seat of my pants) so I follow my characters as they develop and see what they are going to do next. I was then lectured about how I should plot out my story first and have a structured outline. I politely stated that I knew that writing style worked for many writers but that it smothered my writing so I was a "pantser" to which she responded, "I tried that once and it is just crap. If you are going to write like that you will write nothing but crap."

I read her email several times. That is when I went and read her blog just to get a feel for what she was really like. I decided she was young, lacking in some interpersonal skills and that the delete button was my friend, so I just deleted her message. This morning the moderator came to my defense rather nicely as she is a "pantser" herself. The other party has not been heard from again.

My writing may be crap and that is okay by me. The point is that I am writing. I don't have to write a brilliant novel, I just want to write. For too long I haven't been able to write what I wanted to write and now I can. It is what I enjoy doing even if my favorite subject of late is pooch poop.

I will spare you all again and not write about Jezzi's latest adventure at this time. I will just remind you that she is a gross little dog.

I hope you have had a good evening.



Nov. 13th, 2013 07:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Some of the world's best writers...
Thank you Jamie! I don't know what this kid's issue was except maybe being young and inexperienced with the different ways people view the world. She will hopefully learn with time to see other ways of looking at things. Cheers, Ardee-ann


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