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Well, the adventures have been slim today. I did go out in the middle of the night, using the walker to manage this feat and turned on the front spigot so it would drip. The temps were supposed to be around 26 so I didn't want to take any chances on a pipe freezing up. I also brought in the mail. That was a chore. I still have to go through it. Oh, happy day. I think we get more junk mail than anyone else in the world. I don't want to cut it all out because some of the catalogs are fun to get. It is a double edged sword.

I still need to call the post office during business hours to see how I can get my mail delivered to the side door instead of in front of the house. I always seem to remember to do that AFTER post office business hours AND I have a note to remind me. I feel like such a doofus.

I did make a pretty good dinner tonight, chicken with chicken flavored brown rice and corn. It tasted delicious. It wasn't too much of a hassle to make either. Since I cooked all of the chicken today tomorrow's dinner is halfway made. Since I have a medical appointment and have to go to the grocery store I need to be ahead of the game or we will be eating at ten pm or some such thing.

The little dog was a busy, busy girl today. I will spare my friend from Pleiades one more day and not post about her misdeeds. You are welcome! LOL!!!

I forgot to mention that the day before yesterday I noticed a cat walking by my window. I thought it was Tab, one of the ferals we feed or maybe one of the cats from the urban farm across the street but when I moved the shade to look better it was Sparky our 15 year old cat who has been missing for about 2 years. By the time I got outside she was gone. Cats are like that you know. I have no idea where she must be living or how often she may have sauntered through the yard over the time she has been missing. We thought she had died as she was almost 14 when she disappeared. I was so very surprised to see her. I am glad she is okay. I just wish I knew where she was. We had loved her for a very long time. She was feral when we brought she and her sister, Jane, who disappeared/died a few months after Sparky disappeared, into the house. They were some wild little beasties but we got them settled down and settled in. They were part of our large cat crew. All of those cats are gone now we only know for sure what happened to two of them but at least they were spayed or neutered before they wandered on so they haven't contributed to the cat population.

BTW, in the photo Sparky is the one napping up in the left hand corner and her sister Jane is down at the bottom. They don't look too wild there do they. Oh, they were little pistols and I have the scars to prove it. I loved those babies.

I guess that is all for now.



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