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First I will say that my standing at Live Journal is not steadily going up, nor is it steadily going down. It is down a few points today so for now unless something exciting or drastic happens just figure that I am in about the same place I was the last time I posted my standing.

This week we had chicken. When I say we had chicken I don't mean we had it once. We had it several times due to having a big pack of thighs(well, not as big as the one dad got me a few weeks ago but still a respectable size) and I cooked them up to make chicken with rice, chicken with noodles and chicken stuffing(the stuffing mix came out of a box, I was not THAT industrious). In the process of having all that chicken a certain little porky dog who LOVE chicken and who got all "chicken licken'" ended up with more bites of chicken than she probably should have had. The little dog ended up with the runs. Now fortunately she mostly hit her pad with the diarrhea(that must have been an accident) but oh did she make a few messes. My Lysol got a good workout this week. From now on Steffie and I will count the bites of chicken little dog gets so that we don't have a repeat of this incident. In the meantime little dog is fine, she is eating well and drinking her water so there is no concern about dehydration(she didn't have the runs that bad to begin with but just in case are watching her water intake). I know that there are those among my friends and readers who do not approve of giving human food to dogs, cats, etc. I know the pros and cons. Maybe someday I will change my evil ways but today is not that day despite cleaning up nasty doggie doo. I may end up regretting this decision but for now this is where I stand.

Tonight, not far from here a 2 year old child got out of the family apartment and wandered out onto a VERY busy road in the city. I know that area well and the child is very lucky to still be alive. The mother was arrested for child endangerment after she was located. I know that sometimes children can slip out despite a parents best efforts but I suspect that this mother may have been lacking due diligence because I know of too many times that I have thought that parents should be arrested for reckless endangerment of a minor but that the police and prosecutors have let it slide. I have spent too many years in child welfare to not know that a parent who is arrested in such a case was likely seriously under the influence.

I find it appalling that people do not cherish the children in their lives and do everything that they can to protect them. If you are going to "party" then get a sitter to watch the child and I mean a dependable sitter not someone who is going to leave them alone or locked in a car or some such thing. Children are a precious gift and if we do not make sacrifices to care for them then we will end up answering for it at some time or another. I am a firm believer in karma and she is a b*tch.

We are going to have unseasonably warm weather this weekend and then a cold front will come through with the temperature dropping quite a bit. That tells me that Mother Nature is going to have things rockin' and rollin' next week. I hope we are able to avoid severe weather and tornado outbreaks. This is the fall tornado season and I always hold my breath until it passes.

Oh, I forgot to add that it has been so warm outside tonight that the peepers have been singing and singing their little hearts out. I just love listening to the peepers. I always miss them when summer ends so tonight was a gift from the Universe while I stood outside listening to their little peeps and chirps.

Well, that is all I know for now so good night and see you later gator!



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