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NaBlowWriMo ~ NovWriSo...getting gypped!!!!

Steph and I were talking about when we were kids. Truth be told I mostly babble and Steph listens most politely. She is so sweet.

Anyway, I remembered a story about going to see the movies with my aunts Jody and Cookie back when I was six or so. They were spending several weeks with us in Houston and I think my mom wanted an afternoon to herself so she took us to the movies with the plan being that she would come back and pick us up later. Now I was six or seven, my little sister was two or three and our aunts, who were mean to us whenever possible, were like 12 and 13. I am guessing on their ages but they weren't really all that much older than us.

We were taken to see a "double feature" matinee. I know for sure one of the movies was "Snow White"(NOT the Disney version) and I think that the other movie was "Cinderella" but I am not totally sure about the other movie because as I mentioned above I was rather young.

Before the movies started we all went an got our snacks. I am not sure how much mom gave us to spend at the concession stand. I think we got a quarter each(that sure wouldn't buy anything at the concession stands these days). Well, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to get. All of the movie concession stands in Houston, had boxes of candy with a PRIZE in them. My mother would NEVER let me get this because she said it was a gyp and to get something else. Well, on THIS day mom wasn't around and I bought one of those boxes of candy with the prize in it. I thought I was in tall cotton until I opened it. I don't remember what the dinky little prize was but I can tell you it was disappointing crap and even worse the candy was hard and STALE. Oh, the sorrow, the disappointment...I had finally gotten my longed for box of candy with a prize in it and I was GYPPED. The prize was more junky than anything that came in a Cracker Jacks box and the candy was inedible. I could have had popcorn but NO I had to have the candy with the surprise in the box. I was so upset.

Then the movie started. Man, I don't know WHO made these crappy movies but when I say that they weren't Disney I mean not only were they not Disney quality but they were downright awful. I mean if a six or seven year old thinks the dialogue and story reek, as well as, the acting  being sub-par on a fairy tale you KNOW that they are bad. Holy smokes! It was one heck of an afternoon, bad movies, nasty candy, mom being right about the gyp issue and having to deal with Jody and Cookie being bossy and pinching us for no reason. Oh woe is me!!!! I who probably was living in one of the very best times of my whole life remember a disappointing afternoon at the movies when there were dozens of wonderful experiences I have probably forgotten that happened when I was that age.

From the ages of 4 until 8 my life was wrapped up with wonderful in so very many ways. There were some very sad occurrences such as the death of my grandfathers but I had amazing adventures went to great schools, had good friends and tons of fun. We lived in Little Rock for part of that time then we moved to Austin for a little while, where I turned five, then we moved to Houston until after the second grade and we were transferred to Alexandria, Louisiana. Now there were some parts about living in Louisiana that were okay but it wasn't as great as my life had been in Houston. While in Houston I lived in an area with LOTS of kids my age. We had a great backyard to play in, my dad had won a swing set that put every other swing set in the neighborhood to shame. We could ride our bikes and in general have a great time.

I attended awesome schools, had wonderful teachers and the administration was great. I loved going to school in Houston. I felt lucky to have a good time at school and friends to play with. Things weren't always perfect. My dad hurt his back and was off work for quite a while. I was sick a lot. My mom had some health issues too but overall it probably was THE BEST. So, why do I remember that bad movie? It is a mystery to me. Oh well, I did learn that I didn't want to buy that gyp candy with a prize ever again. Blech!



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