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I have had a "little" cold but the cold medicine I did need to take because of the level of symptoms knocked me on my fanny. I haven't been online much at all. I have scanned email, answered a few, quickly browsed a few things on Facebook, looked for some posts on LJ and then been offline again. ONE six hour cold pill had me down for the count for over 36 hours. There is a reason I take those things only when absolutely necessary.

Today has been a very sad day. I found out that my sister's monkey, Bundy died. Barb has had Bun since 1988 I think. He has been the child she never had. We all loved Bundy. He was the most precious and loveable monkey I have ever been around and because of Barb I have been around a few. I can't imagine how Barb must be feeling although when she wrote the note telling us that he had died she was obviously numb and still in denial. This is going to be a dreadfully had time for her.  This is the only picture I can find of him right now but I have some really cute ones of him somewhere. I hope that they are on this computer and not lost on the dead computer. In this photo Bundy is showing off his smile and his teeth. Most monkey owners get their monkey's canines pulled because their monkeys are not properly trained and are at risk of biting someone. Bundy was a beautifully behaved young man and because he was so well trained he did not have to have his teeth pulled. Barb was very proud of that fact. Barb had been mom to Bundy since he was a baby. When she got him he could fit into the palm of her hand. He was so precious and so very loved.


Here is a photo of Barb and Bundy together. It is about seven years old:


It has been less than two years since Barb lost her husband, Lyn and now she has lost her baby Bundy. This has been a very hard time for her.

I will hopefully see her for Thanksgiving but I fear that she will still be in so much emotional pain that it will be difficult for her.

In other news, Miss Poops-a-lot is in trouble again. The other day she went and pooped in the back room. It was obviously intentional and as I told my mother, "She is on my list." My mom just told me to take her off my list. I think mom was taking the little dog's side in this matter.

Chilly weather is descending upon Little Rock. I will be ready for seasonal weather to return...you know the 40s and 50s. Having temps in the 20s in November is a bit much for Arkansas. Brrr!

Well, that is all I know!



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