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If you know me, I mean really, really know me, then you know that writing is my life. I don't care if it is dismal posts about dog poop or buoyant posts about the beauty of my simple life around me or the fiction that fires my imagination like a rocket. Whatever I put "on paper" is a compulsion and has been for many years even though as I said in a earlier post I could sit in front of an audience for hours telling stories and making up tales of this and that much easier than I can ever get the words through my fingers and yet, I have managed through some kind of miracle to write a most horrid story that I finished in the final hours and have clinched NaNaNoWriMo 2013. I thought there was no way that I could do it but interweaving many stories and creating a tapestry of fiction at its very worst I have created a tale that can probably be sliced and diced to create something even if I am the only person who ever reads it. My last novel was only read by four people and the last only wanted to talk about my punctuation even though she knew she was reading a very rough draft that had not been edited. She never said a word about my story. If she thought it was crappy it would have been nice if she'd said so but no she didn't have the common courtesy to even do that. I assume she thought it was garbage. That's okay. I like the story and IMHO that is what counts.

This story may never be seen by anyone else but I can tell you it is bad...really bad and we won't EVEN discuss punctuation. I did manage to get almost 85K words written...not too shabby. I have found out that I am capable of writing 10K a day and I had thought that 5K a day was the best I would ever do. So here's to John Scalzi...a toast...for shaming me into making myself finish, "At Least She Didn't Drink Grape Juice" and to my little dog who inspires me every day with her zaniness which makes me smile.

I don't know how many people finished NaNoWriMo. I have to go look. I don't know how people who have real lives do it. Heck, I don't know how people who do not have crazy little Chihuahuas do it. I just know that with the vocabulary help of my friend Fraidy Cat that my fiction took form along with the inspiration of the little dog and grape juice.



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