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I haven't been around for a few days. Live Journal was acting up and then I just didn't make it here a few nights. Oh well, that happens...except maybe to the dedicated bloggers who wouldn't miss a blog post if they had two broken arms they'd hold a pencil in their teeth and tap out a post no matter how long it took. To those of you who are that dedicated I salute you.

What a grand and glorious day it has been! People have gone out of their way to be kind to me, compliment me and my blog. I am purely blushing about that. It isn't often that a writer who truly just piddles around playing with words gets the kind of attention, input and comments that I had today. I must be living right or something. My candor seems to have a certain je ne se quoi with some who have read my work and I am quite frankly delighted at such insightful recognition. Life just doesn't get any better than this!

The weather today has been beautiful. Right now it is in the upper 50s...this time tomorrow night(around midnight) it will be in the 20s. That's right crime stoppers...we are in for a big change in the weather. Time to bundle up and stay warm. Our low tonight is going to be 46 and our high tomorrow is going to be 46...those two temperatures should converge but as I just double checked the temperatures I realized that it is not going to make it to 46 tonight because it is just almost midnight and it is way too warm to get down that low.  All I know is that it is getting ready to be downright cold. I am not ready for that yet. Oh well, I better get ready.

In closing, I will add that I have a friend who is in need of prayers, good thoughts or positive energy. She is in SC and her initials are CB. I would appreciate any positive thoughts you can send her direction.



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Dec. 5th, 2013 07:10 am (UTC)
You are too funny, Ardee! I can just see those dedicated bloggers right now. :D

I'm glad other people are recognizing you. That makes me happy. I do want to point out that I knew you way back when, before you were famous. I'm just sayin.' Also, with all the writing you do about the little dog, your tag for doggie do should be larger than it is so I suspect you haven't been using that tag enough. ;)

For the record the current temp in Davis is 30.1. We were supposed to get down to 30, but it's not even midnight yet so I think we may see 27. It's going to be a cold rest-of-the-week hereabouts! I'm grateful for the alleged chance of rain come Wednesday because that should warm us right into the 50's during the day.

I said a little prayer for your friend, btw.

Dec. 6th, 2013 03:14 am (UTC)
Mer, I think that LJ is gypping me on the doogie doo tag. I use the tag...they just aren't making it "grow!" LOL!!!!

It was sure cold in Davis. I hope it has warmed up now. It is SUPPOSED to be 36 here right now(9:16 pm CST) with a 26 wind chill factor but IMHO it is 36 at my desk so it MUST be colder outside.

Thanks for your "writerly" support and I assure you that I will always remember that you knew me "back when." LOL!!!! I don't think we have to worry about me becoming famous but if it DOES happen I won't forget how long we have been friends. :D

Thanks for saying a prayer for my friend. Last update she had stabilized and they were going to try to work on her heart again today but I haven't had an update since early this morning. It is the ONE time I wish the "reporting source" had a smart phone. Everyone in the world including little kids have smart phones but the person I wish had a smart phone doesn't. Sigh!


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