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We will start off on a happy note. Happy Birthday to Miss Teffers! In Arkansas it is about 8 minutes into her birthday but as usual we are always ready to celebrate. Woo hoo!!!! I hope we have a wonderful day tomorrow. We are celebrating with my mom and sister tomorrow and then next week I am taking the Teffs to go see "The Hobbit." We are both very excited although to our dismay, Steffie's daughter Zyoh will not be able to join us. We have seen every single LOTR movie together and the first Hobbit movie together. Hopefully before The Hobbit leaves town we will be able to go see it with the Zyohster!

As for that little dog...I had JUST found a most important email from my mother...that needed my undivided attention. Out the corner of my eye I saw the little dog trying to get into my chair without success but I did not have time to stop and help her because after reading it I read it aloud to Stephanie. It involves a serious health matter with a family member so this wasn't just me fooling around.

After I finished reading the email to Steph and responding to my mother I noticed that the dog had taken a crap not three feet from me. To say I was livid is beyond words. As I cleaned up I did see that she had freshly pooped in the kitchen too so perhaps it was an accident but I really am afraid that she was mad at me for not helping her to get in the chair so she just pooped in the living room.

The reason I am so suspicious is that she has been pooping in the back room recently. This is brand new behavior that has only started in about the past 4 to 6 weeks. She KNOWS where she is supposed to go to the bathroom. She has lived here since late June of 2006. This is not her first rodeo if you know what I mean. My patience is wearing thin. She can be such a love bug and then turn around and be a naughty, naughty little dog. ARGH!

Well, now we know about the good part of the early morning hours and the not so good part of the very end of Wednesday evening. Life is never boring.



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