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Although the day didn't start out spiffy...I had a charleyhorse from HADES that ripped me out of the bed and yet, I couldn't stand up because my calf muscle was so contracted. I had to holler to Steffie for help. I hate asking for help but this situation was mandatory. Finally I was able to stand up and walk it off. It was a really bad one. I drank some Gatorade too for electrolyte support.

Later in the day I took quite a nap. It was a really good one. I think the rain helped to keep me lulled to sleep. It was really nice.

I made dinner, washed dishes, fed the little dog and Tux the cat. Buttons did not show up today. I hope she is safe and warm somewhere. Taking care of stray cats can be worrisome at times.

I often think about my blog when I am looking outside my window by my "easy chair." In the fall and winter it is a lovely view with the skeletal trees against the backdrop of the nighttime sky. I can see street lights for several blocks, there is a Coke machine in a doctors' office up the hill that I can see lit up at night. The Coke machine makes me think of a commercial which makes me smile for some reason. I can see the high rise apartments where Zyoh first lived when she moved out on her own. Well, I can see the very top...it is lit up against the black sky. During the daytime there is an office building that is about a half a mile a way that has mirrored windows. If the sun is just right the reflection hurts my eyes even from that distance. I love the view from my window and wish that I could capture in photos the simple beauty that I see in that little bit of my neighborhood. I enjoy it so.

I hope that you have a wonderful Saturday. I am sending love and prayers to my mom.



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