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At some point either when I started this blog or sometime during its life, my blog served a purpose. I wrote about writing and writers. I discussed writing issues and challenges I faced. Then I quit blogging for a while because I couldn't even think of anything to write about in my blog. I couldn't even keep up with everyday nonsense to post about because life was giving me trouble...mostly I was sick and having medication issues.

Then I started posting again, mostly nonsensical crazy stuff, opinions that I had, issues in my life and, of course, the little dog. I think I threw in a blog post about writer friends now and again but mostly I just wrote crap. Well, as I came to post tonight I wondered if my blog served a purpose or if it even needed to serve a purpose. I have written 2 novels, several pieces of flash fiction, some short, short stories and personal essays but when I write I write for myself. I am not trying to build a brand or create a platform. I write because I must. Life compels me to write as it has for more than 40 years. It is just who I am and what I do. So, since I am not trying to create an image I suppose that whatever I write about in my blog is up to me. I know that there are those who think that I should keep my thoughts, opinions and observations to myself but really they are wrong. Obviously they feel that they have the right to verbalize their opinion that I should not write about what I think, feel and read so why should I not be able to do likewise. Hypocrites have often confused me throughout the years.

So I guess that I can just post on my blog because I want to. I can write about dog poop, icy weather, the farm across the street, crazy people I meet online and the things that capture my attention in this world. At one point I thought I might start to serialize my first novel as I edited it but decided not to do so. Like I said above, it is for me. The one person I showed it to besides my mom and Steph couldn't be bothered to give an opinion, she just wanted to correct my punctuation. I didn't ask her to edit it, she said she really wanted to read it. I guess she thought it sucked since all she noticed were my punctuation errors and run on sentences.

Today's entry has mostly to do with my dad and my mom. The heart surgeon said that dad could probably go home this evening which through my mom for a loop because we had been told that after a few days in the ICU he would be in a step down unit for 4 to 7 days. He had been in the step down unit for one day. The nurses had not had him up walking around and he isn't really capable of walking because of having been in the bed for most of a week. When my mom mentioned this to the surgeon he said something about them being able to find a way to manage. Excuse me. What the hell? My mother is almost 76 years old. She has a significant back problem. She can't help dad walk around with him being so wobbly and not used to walking. I wish I had been there because I would have torn the good doctor a new a**hole and that would have just been the beginning of things because the hospital administration would have been in on the situation too. As it turned out my father's cardiologist came in to check on him and my mother said something to him about the surgeon saying something about dad maybe going home this evening and he begged to differ. The cardiologist then went to the nurses' station to find out what the hell was going on and magically my father was not discharged today. The nurses will work with him on walking and daddy will be in the hospital for a few more days. It seems that the surgeon is going to be gone for four days and was trying to get his patients all discharged. This is why he is supposed to have other doctors covering for him. I am really angry with him. Since his is a friend of friends on Facebook I am seriously considering giving him a piece of my mind but my mother may need surgery done before too long and he is one of the few doctors in the state who does that particular surgery so I really don't want to pi** him off but he is on my TP list and that is a fact Jack. NO ONE messes with my mom and dad especially when my dad has had open heart surgery just a few days ago and on Monday this SAME doctor is the one who told us how long to expect him to be in the hospital. I am most unhappy about this situation. I will bide my time though and let karma do her job.

I have other things I will write about later although I still haven't written about the sewer story and that dates back to Memorial Day. I am a slacker!




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