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The skies were cloudy for several days leading up to the dark moon and then on the first days of the new moon. This evening there was a beautiful "Chesire Cat" crescent moon. I absolutely loved getting to see the moon after missing it for so very many days. I looked out at it as often as I could until it had moved far enough over the trees that I could no longer see it.

Speaking of the outdoors last night I heard a train whistle when I went outside to feed the cats. It has been a long time since I have heard a train whistle here even when outside because of the ever increasing noise pollution in the area. I enjoyed hearing the long lonely call of the train.

Tonight it is bitterly cold. We have an arctic front pushing through and I am even wearing a hat in the house. Of course, I don't have any hair to speak of but I truly believe that even if I did have hair I would still be wearing the hat. Right now the temperature is 17 degrees with a wind chill of 2 degrees. It is nasty cold. I can't imagine living up North where it is colder still. Brrr!!! Our high tomorrow is only going to be 19. I know of some areas that would consider that a heat wave but in Little Rock it is just crazy cold.

Some of you know that I have a magazine addiction. I love to read magazine articles probably because I can actually finish them. I have issues with my eyes and cannot read for long periods of times. I also just like magazines. At one time I used to subscribe to many magazines but now, even when I can get a magazine for free I am not likely to subscribe because I just don't get the magazines read, they pile up and make a mess. I am trying to declutter so the magazines had to go. My one guilty pleasure is Southern Living. I do subscribe to it although I don't always get each issue read immediately. For example I am just now reading the Christmas issue on only recently finished the July issue. Ahem!

As I have been reading these issues of Southern Living I have been completely appalled at many of the recipes. I suppose they are what people are now referring to as "food porn" but to me they look nasty and often have unnecessary ingredients in them. Not ever recipe really needs either cheese or greens in it(only a slight exaggeration) and what is the deal with all of the maple syrup. Maple syrup is being used as a sweetener in so many items that I am shocked. Do we really want everything to taste of maple? I know that I don't. Has HFCS caused regular corn syrup to get such a bad name that maple syrup is being used instead? It sure is an expensive substitution and what about good old sugar. I realize that some consider it to be the "debil" but really sweetener is sweetener. If you want to spend a lot of money to have all of your food taste like maple syrup knock yourself out, as for me I will use sugar, brown sugar or corn syrup depending on what I think the recipe needs. If I really think that maple syrup is called for I have some handy but just don't feel the need to put maple syrup in my snickerdoodles and tea cakes thank you very much.

It isn't just the maple syrup either...what is the deal with smoked salmon and tons of salmon recipes period? I like salmon okay but prefer is as salmon croquettes the way my mama used to make them and don't try to sneak any stinkin' Jack Mackere into my croquettes either...only real canned salmon will do. I have had baked fresh salmon and it is okay but I'd rather have catfish, crappie, brim or some other pan fish. Oh, there are other ocean fish that I like but salmon has been overdone for a long time now. I know it has good fish oils in it but it is time to move onto something besides salmon. It just isn't that exciting.

This brings me to smoked salmon. How does anyone gag that stuff down? When it first came out I was excited to try it and totally "on the bus" until it hit my taste buds. The fascination with it was immediately over with and I deposited the bite of that vile stuff delicately into my napkin. On the off chance that my first experience with smoked salmon was a fluke as so many people seem practically orgasmic over it I tried it again. It was retched and was again deposited into my napkin. I have made a few other efforts but they have all met the same fate and I have finally decided that smoked salmon was never meant to cross over my lips.

In the holiday issue of Southern Living there was a "special recipe" for corn mini-muffins topped with smoked salmon. Oh, gag! Why would someone ruin corn mini-muffins with smoked salmon on top of them? That sounds like someone was on drugs when they came up with that recipe. A nice pate made with butter, garlic and toasted pecans would be pleasant but smoked salmon. I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy. The thought gives me the "jim-jams."

This brings me to collard greens. Does anyone really enjoy eating these? If so, how do they manage to get them through their lips, chew them up and swallow them? Collards are just hideous in my book. Now I like greens. I have my own ideas on how to cook them. Sugar NEVER goes into my greens and I don't put a lot of fatty meats into them either. Now, I do like to saute spinach in bacon grease and then scramble it in eggs on occasion but that is truly a guilty pleasure reserved for when I feel that I can risk the sound of my arteries hardening. I am a turnip green fanatic who really likes little bits of turnip chopped up into my greens. I good them with a little olive oil, some onion and garlic. I let them simmer down for a long while and prefer canned turnip greens to fresh although my kale MUST be fresh, never frozen or canned. So, I am not anti-greens I just think that collards are vile beyond words and we won't even discuss mustard greens but fresh "poke salat" is a long time favorite. For the life of me I don't see the fascination with collard greens and I can't understand the current craze of tossing kale into almost everything. I know it is good for us and I can eat a pound of steamed kale in a day but really kale on pizza with apples...that has to be a sick joke someone is pulling on an unsuspecting American public. I didn't read the recipe for the kale and apple pizza(no red sauce in the photo) but I bet some sicko sprinkled on some maple syrup for good measure.

Besides reporting that daddy seems to be doing well at home and I am so very blessed that he did well with his surgery and hospitalization, as well as, my mama's back holding out by the skin of its teeth. I can't think of much more to say. I have probably alienated many people by besmirching smoked salmon and collard greens but you'll have that. If you have opinions someone somewhere is going to get their knickers in a twist, don'tcha know!

Have a beautiful Monday and stay warm!



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Jan. 6th, 2014 04:01 pm (UTC)
Oh Ardee - this left me laughing. As a salmon lover - even I see your point - salmon does not belong on everything. The girls and I watched cupcake wars yesterday (at least half the day) and there was someone who made a cream cheese salmon cupcake. Bahhahaha!!!!

With you on the greens front - except I eat eggs and spinach almost every day. LOVE them - sauteed with some yummy mushrooms and a bit of pepper and red onion. Mmmmm.

Kale, apple and maple syrup pizza. Blech. Pizza is red sauce, cheese and meat and/or veggies. That's it.

Glad to hear about your Dad. ALways good news when someone is home!!!
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