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You know it is time to dust your old computer screen, you know the screen of the computer that doesn't work and the monitor just sits on your desk collecting dust, yeah that one...anyway you know it is time to dust the darned thing when your girlfriend draws a smiley face in the dust that just stares at you to remind you of the fact that you really do not like to dust one iota. I guess I need to dust the old monitor very soon. Heaven forbid that I take it to the electronic recycling place as it provides a "stand" for my laptop. I am tragic, oh yes I am. LOL!!!

I seem to have "offended" one of my friends from the Pacific Northwest by besmirching salmon in my last post. Now her comments were very good natured, but really she failed to give me credit for liking salmon croquettes however, since she is a native of the Pacific NW she probably does not consider salmon croquettes to be "real" salmon.

Now to be fair, I did not totally besmirch salmon...I did say it was tolerable grilled and baked but that it was smoked salmon that I not only thought was wretched but that it was included in way too many recipes. I like cheese and I think people include it in way too many recipes too so it isn't just smoked salmon that I think is overused...there are a lot of foods that become fads and that end up all over the place. Last night I read about poutine, which I don't think I could handle in the first place, being made from sweet potato fries, duck confit and goat cheese curds. GAK!!!! That sounds ten kinds of nasty and I like sweet potato fries, I like duck although I don't know about duck confit because I have never had it and I like some goat cheeses but all together in one dish...no thank you. :shudder:  The food reviewer was virtually orgasmic about the fancy schmancy poutine and I was thinking, "Dude, you have got to be pulling my leg." This sounded worse than another dish that I read about last week that had a cat's head biscuit topped with fried chicken and then smothered in sausage gravy. What are some people thinking? I am a biscuit fanatic. I could eat fried chicken from here to the Yukon Territory and back. Sausage gravy is one of my favorite foods and I think it is great on biscuits but to smother FRIED CHICKEN in it...GAK!!!! I think that some people should NOT be allowed to create recipes and menus. I realize that there are people who eat the dish I just described and really like it but I am not even going to try it. Now, put my fried chicken on the side and smother my biscuit in sausage gravy then we can talk but I just don't want them all together. It isn't natural.

Daddy continues to make good improvement. He still doesn't feel like eating much and finds foods he generally enjoys to be distasteful. I don't know what is causing that but I hope it passes. He needs to eat to heal. He also needs to walk more but is being very contrary with mom about doing so. I guess if he feels good enough to be contrary then he is making progress.

Mom still sounds good. Bless her heart. I hope she has a good stash of Snickers somewhere so she can have a little nibble when she gets a little frustrated. Chocolate is a very effective drug for her especially in the form of chocolate covered cherries and Snickers bars.

The little dog hasn't been too terribly naughty lately. I hope she is okay. I worry about her when she behaves too much because I always think that she is just waiting to get into some bodacious mischief.

I guess that is all I am up to for now. So I will sign off. Hopefully I will be ready for bed soon.



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