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NaBloWriMo ~ JanWriSo...a rainy Friday...

Today was one heck of a rainy Friday. Fortunately it was much warmer than it has been being so there were no issues about ice and such. It was just a nice quiet rainy day. I napped well this afternoon because of the rain. This was a good thing because I didn't sleep worth a diddly darn last night. In fact, I slept even less than usual. So a nap was definitely called for today.

When I went out during a lull in the rain to feed the cats I saw a new stray in the neighbor's yard. I hope that there was enough food left behind for it so that the little one doesn't go hungry. It is too cold for the wild babies to not have plenty of food to help them stay a little warmer. Even though today was warmer than it has been it was still wet and chilly. I worry about the little wild cats. I don't know where they all come from. I fear that it is because we live in an area that is easy for someone to dump cats that we are getting them here because of that. I need to contact FURR to get everyone trapped, spayed and neutered. We don't need to add kittens to the mix. We have already been down that road. It is not pleasant at all.

Well, little dog has decided to be a stinker again. She is pooping in the back room. Steph mentioned putting a pad back there but she doesn't poop on her pad most of the time anyway and I don't want to "invite" her to pee back there too. I have enough to clean up as it is and we can't afford the extra pads because I assure you if there is a pad down she WILL pee on it. Naughty little dog!

For some reason I am craving the tar out of chocolate right now. Maybe a cup of hot cocoa will help. It is a good thing that we don't have any other chocolate lying around the house. I'd be in trouble.

NaNoWriMo is nagging me about editing my novel. Heck, I don't have my last novel edited yet and it has been here for three years. The latest one is such a jumbled mess that I wouldn't know where to begin editing it. I had too much stuff going on inside my head as I was racing to finish the novel. My wrist still hurts from all of the typing I did to get it completed. There is so very much emotion in the novel I don't know if I can edit it. I think it was more of a purge of emotion than a novel. I will just file my NaNoWriMo emails and deal with my novel later, if at all. I just had a lot of things to say and I got them said, maybe that was all it ever needs to be.

My daddy is continuing to make improvement. He still doesn't like the way his food tastes but he is eating better so that is a good thing. Mama still sounds pretty good and I am glad to hear that. Today daddy told mom that he wanted a snack so since they told her to "push the protein" to help with healing she slice up an apple, put peanut butter on it and took it to him. Daddy was not a happy camper. Now he ate his apple with peanut butter but he told mom that he had a cookie in mind when he said he wanted a snack. I told her that tomorrow she might put peanut butter on his cookies. She just laughed at me. I don't think that is what he has in mind either.

I am a tired little chick-a-lou despite my nap earlier so I think I will sign off and look at getting ready for bed. I hope I can actually sleep tonight. I really need the rest.

I wish you all a wonderful Saturday.



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